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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000259181 Fan controlminorresolved (alfredo)2016-12-21Can't detect back fan on Asus Z97-A
  000259282 Hardware supportmajorresolved (alfredo)2016-12-21Asus A88X-Plus
  000259352 Hardware supportminorresolved (alfredo)2016-12-21No support Asus A88X-Plus
  000259432 Hardware supportminorresolved (alfredo)2016-12-21Drives are wrong when plugging USB drive
  00025955   Othercrashresolved (alfredo)2016-12-21Starting Program causes complete system crash
  00025964   Fan controlminorresolved (alfredo)2016-12-21Asus Z97 supported?
  000259751 Hardware supportmajorresolved (alfredo)2016-12-21ASUS Maximus VII Hero - No fan speeds and voltages
  000259882 Fan controlmajorresolved (alfredo)2016-12-21No fan control on Asus Z97-A
  000259931 Eventsminorresolved (alfredo)2016-12-21Can't send email
  0002600721 Fan controlmajorresolved (alfredo)2016-12-21ASUS P5Q (W83667HG) - Can't control CPU Fan Speed
  00026019   Hardware supportfeatureresolved (alfredo)2016-12-21No fan, voltage, or RPM support on Intel DP35DP board
  00026029   Hardware supportmajorresolved (alfredo)2016-12-21In windows 8 Speedfan cant detect ATK0110
  000260341 Othermajorresolved (alfredo)2016-12-21The procedure entry point "Encode Pointer" could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL.DLL
  00026042   Fan controlminorresolved (alfredo)2016-12-21Using GPU temperature in advanced fan control results always sets 100% fan
  00026053   Hardware supportmajorresolved (alfredo)2016-12-21RPM of GTX 470 could not be read since latest drivers Update
  000260651 Hardware supporttweakresolved (alfredo)2016-12-21Unable to control fan speed on ASRock Z77 Extreme4-M
  00026073   Logging and chartingminorresolved (alfredo)2016-12-21Last column for logging always logged as 0
  00026083   Hardware supportfeatureresolved (alfredo)2016-12-21Asus Maximus Formula V (Z77) Voltages and Temps Incorrect
  00025731   Fan controlmajorresolved (alfredo)2016-12-21No Fan Detection Z-170 Hero VIII
  000257411   Hardware supportmajorresolved (alfredo)2016-12-21Does speedfan support z170
  00025753   Hardware supportcrashresolved (alfredo)2016-12-21computer sometimes crashes/hangs on Scanning ISA $0290
  00025768   Fan controlblockresolved (alfredo)2016-12-21Fan speeds cant be changed
  000257216 Fan controlmajorassigned (alfredo)2016-12-18Fan Speed increases but wont decrease after that
  0002571    Fan controlminorassigned (alfredo)2016-12-16Cant turn Fans off on Strix x99
  0002570    Hardware supportminorassigned (alfredo)2016-12-05Support for MSI Z170A KRAIT GAMING 3X (Nuvoton NVT6793D)
  0002569    Fan controlminorassigned (alfredo)2016-12-04Fan controls missing
  000256212 Othermajorassigned (alfredo)2016-11-28Slow Start Time on Windows Boot
  0002568    Otherminorassigned (alfredo)2016-11-27Error message on launch
  0002567    Fan controlmajorassigned (alfredo)2016-11-27No fan control on Asus Z97-A (USB 3.0)
  0002566    Eventsminorassigned (alfredo)2016-11-26message when loading speedfan
  0002565    Othermajorassigned (alfredo)2016-11-23Unable to Control Fan as well as Crash trying to send a report.
  00025305   User interfaceminoracknowledged (alfredo)2016-11-20Is Speedfan Dead ?
  0002564 1 Configurationminorassigned (alfredo)2016-11-19SSL to send email (SMTP)
  00025631   Otherblockassigned (alfredo)2016-11-14SpeedFan launches at startup but doesn't work
  0002561    Hardware supportmajorassigned (alfredo)2016-11-02Missing fans, speeds, voltages, fan control on GA-Z170N-Wifi
  0002560 2 Fan controlfeatureassigned (alfredo)2016-10-22GTX 1060 fans can not be controlled
  0002559    Fan controlminorassigned (alfredo)2016-10-13Advanced fan control not changing speed
  00025573   User interfaceminorassigned (alfredo)2016-10-08Unable to rename temperatures, fans, voltages
  00025492   Hardware supportminorassigned (alfredo)2016-09-11Wrong VCORE shown
  000254831 Hardware supportmajoracknowledged (alfredo)2016-09-09M.2 SSD not supported?
  0002555    Fan controlfeatureassigned (alfredo)2016-09-04Feature request: ability to control Asus Strix GPU fan headers
  000227851 Othercrashassigned (alfredo)2016-09-03Sometimes blank white screens when loading up SpeedFan (believed to be crashing nVidia drivers)
  0002554    Fan controlminorassigned (alfredo)2016-09-01Fan controls with GTX1060
  000255371 Otherfeatureassigned (alfredo)2016-08-31Feature request - run at startup/login.
  00016095   Otherfeatureacknowledged (alfredo)2016-08-21Extend Speedfan to adding another input channel / bus = serial port ie ComX.
  000235210   Fan controlminoracknowledged (alfredo)2016-08-19Feature request - fan deadzones
  00022205   Othercrashacknowledged (alfredo)2016-08-19Random Frezes And Crashes When Starting Speedfan
  0002551    Hardware supportmajorassigned (alfredo)2016-08-07Dual CPU shows only CPU2 (IPMI)
  0002550 2 Otherminorassigned (alfredo)2016-08-06Slow to start if from task scheduler
  0002547    Fan controlminorassigned (alfredo)2016-08-04Fan Control - Vertical curve?
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