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0002099SpeedFanConfigurationpublic2017-06-13 15:21
ReporterDalai Assigned Toalfredo  
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Product Version4.45 
Summary0002099: Some configuration options are reset/lost if SpeedFan finds new sensors
DescriptionHey guys,

A few weeks ago I swapped hard disks in my server at home and noticed a bug (again). As soon as SpeedFan finds new sensors (new/changed hard disk, new/changed graphics card etc.) some settings are reset/lost: language is reset to English and xAP is disabled if it was enabled. There may be more settings affected.

This is really annoying especially if you change hardware (frequently) and your software (Munin Node in my case) depends on xAP.

I'm not sure if the latest released version 4.47 is affected as well because any version newer than 4.45 causes a blue screen on my server - it did with the old hard disk connected to a Promise Ultra100 TX2 controller anyway - and I'm not in the mood right now for something like that again...

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Motherboard ModelAsrock K10N78M Pro
Video Card Model



2017-06-13 15:21

reporter   ~0008496


I finally switched to Windows 7, and now this bug gets the maximum level of annoyance there could possibly be!

Starting with Vista, Windows doesn't guarantee the disk numbering, see Note that this is not limited to SATA ports 0 and 1 as mentioned in the KB article; it affects all ports.

In one of my systems I have one SSD and two HDDs, and a simple reboot - without any hardware change(!) - often renumbers the disks. Sometimes the SSD is disk 0, sometimes one of the HDDs. SpeedFan picks up this change and detects "new" sensors (good so far), but it keeps resetting some of my settings! The latter part is the thing I don't understand. Settings made by the user should be kept, no matter what.

Please fix this long-standing bug! Don't reset the program language and don't disable xAP when new sensors are detected!


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