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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00026631   Fan controlminorassigned (alfredo)2017-09-23Fan speeds set to 100% for a few seconds at first startup. Cpu fan starts at 50%
  0002662 1 Fan controlmajorassigned (alfredo)2017-09-23Fan profiles don't apply when CPU at 100%
  00026572   Fan controlminorassigned (alfredo)2017-09-20CPU Fan Speed is low - be quiet! BK009 Pure Rock
  0002661    Othermajorassigned (alfredo)2017-09-19"The service cannot be started" on program startup
  0002660    Hardware supportblockassigned (alfredo)2017-09-19Please Add Support for Asus Maximus IX Code
  000264612 Fan controlmajorassigned (alfredo)2017-09-17Very Bad stuttering in Dell Precision T7500
  000244417   Hardware supportminoracknowledged (alfredo)2017-09-15Add support for IT8628E
  00024542   Fan controlmajorassigned (alfredo)2017-09-14Z170 Maximus Hero VIII No control over Fan speeds
  0002659 1 Installationblockassigned (alfredo)2017-09-10cannot reinstall speed fan after Windows update
  0002658    Othermajorassigned (alfredo)2017-09-07Speedfan causes pops and clicks in audio stream
  00026113   Hardware supportminorresolved (alfredo)2017-09-03ATK0110 not working with ASUS P5B-E Plus
  000094793 Otherminoracknowledged (alfredo)2017-08-17Minor Handle Leak
  0002656    Othermajorassigned (alfredo)2017-08-15Speedfan doesn't work under 2000
  0002655 1 Configurationminorassigned (alfredo)2017-08-12review some parameters for optimal configuration
  0002654 1 Hardware supportmajorassigned (alfredo)2017-07-16Add support for ITE IT8686E and IT8792E chipsets.
  0002653    Hardware supportmajorassigned (alfredo)2017-07-15Unable to control fan speed on HP Carmel motherboard
  000265211 Otherminorassigned (alfredo)2017-07-09Speedfan repeatedly queries a registry value that does not exist, wasting processor resources
  00006494   Fan controlmajoracknowledged (alfredo)2017-06-15CPU fan speed drops to 0 after resume from hibernate
  00006143   Othertweakacknowledged (alfredo)2017-06-13Language is setting to english on its own
  00020991   Configurationminorassigned (alfredo)2017-06-13Some configuration options are reset/lost if SpeedFan finds new sensors
  000255611 Logging and chartingfeatureassigned (alfredo)2017-06-08cpu temp incorrect shown
  0002651 1 Hardware supportmajorassigned (alfredo)2017-06-07Please Add Support for Acer F5-573g-59aj to control fan speed
  0002010 1 Configurationmajorassigned (alfredo)2017-06-05Can't configure email to (openSSL)
  00024261   Otherfeatureassigned (alfredo)2017-06-03Port to Linux
  0002650 1 Hardware supportminorassigned (alfredo)2017-06-03Supermicro X11SSA-F issues
  000263511 Hardware supportmajorassigned (alfredo)2017-06-03Winbond/Nuvoton W83795 wrong detection on SUperMicro X8DTL
  0002120241 Hardware supportmajoracknowledged (alfredo)2017-06-01Power saving mode messes up GPU temp sensors
  00026491   Fan controlmajorassigned (alfredo)2017-05-310% fan speed on startup
  0002648    Hardware supportminorassigned (alfredo)2017-05-30SpeedFan does not communicate Embedded Controller (EC) on ASUS motherboards, thereby ignoring external sensors
  00025182   Configurationminorassigned (alfredo)2017-05-30Missing data
  0002647 2 Hardware supportmajorassigned (alfredo)2017-05-27Speedfan does not detect any fan and GPU + does not detect motherboard temp's + calls cpu temp's Temp1
  000067311   Othermajorresolved (alfredo)2017-05-18Speedfan causes stuttering in audio streaming
  0002645 1 Othertextassigned (alfredo)2017-05-17Gives me windows error while starting the program (%1 is not a valid Win32 application, ClassID:)
  00026441   Hardware supportminorassigned (alfredo)2017-05-16Samsung 950 Pro temp sensor disappeared after Windows repair install, HWMonitor still sees it
  00026422   Hardware supportminorassigned (alfredo)2017-04-24No fan control support
  0002641 1 Fan controlmajorassigned (alfredo)2017-04-16No fans detected
  0002640    Hardware supportcrashassigned (alfredo)2017-04-08Winbond error and crash (missing hardware support?)
  0002639 1 Fan controlmajorassigned (alfredo)2017-04-05Do not recognize any fan
  00025395   Othercrashassigned (alfredo)2017-04-01Blank screen at SpeedFan startup
  0002496132 Othermajoracknowledged (alfredo)2017-03-29Doesn't run automaticaly when Windows starts
  0002638    Fan controlminorassigned (alfredo)2017-03-28change in delta values take no effect
  0002637 1 Fan controlmajorassigned (alfredo)2017-03-21Speedfan doesn't show CPU-OPT fan speed
  000248574 Hardware supportminorassigned (alfredo)2017-03-21MSI Z170 fan speed monitoring (on Nuvoton NCT6793D)
  000253216 Hardware supportminorassigned (alfredo)2017-03-13Wrong CPU Value from NCT6791D
  00026361   Fan controlmajorassigned (alfredo)2017-03-12CPU Fan Control Issue
  00018023   Fan controlminorassigned (alfredo)2017-03-12Issue controlling fan speed on FINTEK F71858
  00019971   Fan controlmajorassigned (alfredo)2017-03-12Cant adjust fan speed ANYMORE (was able to before)
  00023244   S.M.A.R.T.crashacknowledged (alfredo)2017-03-09PC crashes when tries to access SMART data on ASMedia controller
  00025581   Othercrashassigned (alfredo)2017-03-02Speedfan crashes randomly without error message
  000263411 Othermajorassigned (alfredo)2017-03-01Program not responding when launched
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