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0003090SpeedFanFan controlpublic2020-05-15 03:48
Reporterdreamlayers Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformDell Inspiron 6400OSMicosoft Windows 10OS Version1909 / 18363.836
Product Version4.52 
Summary0003090: Bad user experience when fighting laptop's built in fan control
DescriptionSpeedFan can control the fan on my Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop. However. the laptop continues controlling it too. So SpeedFan and the laptop fight each other.

If the laptop wants to run the fan, it will keep setting its fan speed every few seconds. If it wants to turn the fan off, it will turn it off once.

SpeedFan applies its fan setting every few seconds. Unlike the laptop, it also keeps telling the fan to turn off if the fan should be off.

So, if the laptop wants the fan to be off, then SpeedFan has full control. But otherwise if they want different settings, the fan alternates between two settings every few seconds. This is kind of annoying. Also it limits available cooling performance.

In Windows 7 I used I8kfanGUI, which sets the fan speed much more frequently. This makes the laptop's attempts to set a different fan speed much less noticeable, and maintains the desired fan speed.

Another concern is the times when the laptop wants to run the fan but SpeedFan wants to turn it off. None of the sensors seem warm enough to run the fan, but still, I'm not sure I should be doing that. It's hard to try to edit my fan curves to prevent this.
Steps To ReproduceRun SpeedFan on Inspiron 6400 laptop with fan control enabled.
Wait for laptop to warm up enough to decide to start the fan.
Observe laptop and SpeedFan fighting over fan speeds.
Additional InformationI wrote a small C program for controlling fan speed in Linux, because fan control there was even worse. Here are the main rules I used to minimize conflict: Read fan speed setting (not RPM, but off / low / high) before setting it. Only write it to change it (because otherwise it's pointless). It is always okay to raise fan speed. Once the program raises fan speed, it is allowed to lower it. If the program reads a speed that is higher than the last one it set, it is not allowed to lower it anymore until after the next time it raises fan speed.

The same thing can be done using SpeedFan driver IOCTLs in Windows.
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Motherboard ModelMM061
Video Card ModelMobility Radeon x1400


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