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0003144SpeedFanFan controlpublic2022-02-01 03:16
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Summary0003144: I guess Speedfan isn't really evolving anymore. Is there an alternative ?

In 2019 the developer @almico announced here that he is working on a new version.

Two years have passed since then and a new version of SpeedFan has still not been released.

It seems to me that the developer has given up and is no longer working on a new version of SpeedFan.

It's a real shame though. Because I've really grown to love SpeedFan over the years.

But now I'm about to buy a new computer with a motherboard that SpeedFan won't support anymore, of course.

( My old motherboard has a NUVOTON NCT 6779D chip )

So please do you know of an alternative that would be as good and not blocked by BattlEye as SpeedFan ?

Thank you very much.
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2022-01-28 04:43

reporter   ~0009458

I wish this was open sourced before it was abandoned. I looked high and low and couldn't find anything else that can control speeds, only monitor them, on Windows.
I think there are some alternatives for Linux though if you don't mind running the windows virtualized. In my case I was able to reverse engineer a proprietary fan control program that came with the motherboard.


2022-01-28 10:22

administrator   ~0009459

Hello :-) I've recently worked on the server hosting SpeedFan, and will resume working on it.
An unfortunate event is currently draining all my resources, delaying my plan, but that event should end in a month or two :-)


2022-01-30 01:58

reporter   ~0009460

Hey almico ... nice to hear from u... i love you. :)


2022-02-01 03:16

reporter   ~0009461


If this is indeed true and you continue to develop Speedfan, this is definitely great news.

On the other hand, you have been promising an update to Speedfan for several years and still no new version has appeared.

To be honest, I'm a bit skeptical now.

But if there is a problem for example through lack of funds then it will certainly not be a problem to start a voluntary collection. A lot of people who use Speedfan would definitely support you.

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