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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0002253    Otherminorassigned (alfredo)2014-05-18periodic audio buzzing
  0002252 1 S.M.A.R.T.crashassigned (alfredo)2014-05-16Speedfan Crashes on SMART scan
  00022462   Fan controlmajorassigned (alfredo)2014-05-14Fans on Intel motherboard DG965SS are not found
  0002251    Eventsmajorassigned (alfredo)2014-04-29latency spikes every 3 seconds
  0002250    Logging and chartingmajorassigned (alfredo)2014-04-26Chart items do not stay selected
  0002005101 Fan controlmajorassigned (alfredo)2014-04-08After entering sleep, graphic card temperature always returns -999
  00022431   Hardware supportmajorassigned (alfredo)2014-04-06Speedfan reports wrong cpu temperature and can't detect all fan headers of my motherboard
  000223611 Hardware supportmajorassigned (alfredo)2014-04-06Can't read GPU temperature of XFX Radeon R9 290x Core Edition graphics card!
  00022421   Othermajorassigned (alfredo)2014-04-06GPU temperature shown as -999
  00022411   Installationblockassigned (alfredo)2014-04-02Application locks at Hints screen
  000223873 Fan controlminoracknowledged (alfredo)2014-04-02Fan speed readings are double actual values after Bios upgrade
  000224045 Hardware supportcrashacknowledged (alfredo)2014-04-01access violation when scanning SMBus
  000089131 Eventsminorresolved (alfredo)2014-03-31Can't send email
  0002239    Fan controlminorassigned (alfredo)2014-03-30Not detecting CPU Fan speed at lower RPMs - ASUS A8N-VM CSM
  0002237    Othercrashassigned (alfredo)2014-03-27System freezes upon starting program
  00022351   Hardware supportmajorassigned (alfredo)2014-03-24Not reading/controlling fan speeds on MSI 990fx-gd65
  0002234 1 Installationfeatureassigned (alfredo)2014-03-21New Parameters
  00013745   Hardware supportfeatureacknowledged (alfredo)2014-03-20External Monitoring Devices
  00022331   Installationcrashassigned (alfredo)2014-03-18speedfan always crashes pc when loaded
  00022322   Otherminorassigned (alfredo)2014-03-13Cpu use is high
  00022311   Otherminorassigned (alfredo)2014-03-12Improper temp shown in notification area icon
  00021171   User interfacefeatureassigned (alfredo)2014-03-12Wrong temp shows on icon in Notification Area (systray)
  0002230 1 Logging and chartingfeatureassigned (alfredo)2014-03-07Monitor
  0002229    Fan controlcrashassigned (alfredo)2014-03-05Freezes up and causes BSOD
  000222811 Fan controlminorassigned (alfredo)2014-03-05Access violation error and fan speed changes when entering Standby
  0002227    Othermajorassigned (alfredo)2014-02-23AMD GPU temp show -999c and fan speed 0rpm after card goes to low power state
  000184014   Hardware supportminoracknowledged (alfredo)2014-02-17The ATK 0110 temperatures are not updated
  00022231   Hardware supportmajorassigned (alfredo)2014-02-16ATK0110 not updating properly
  0002222    Fan controlfeatureassigned (alfredo)2014-02-15Can't control fan speed
  00022082   Fan controlmajorassigned (alfredo)2014-02-14No fans found on Maximus VI Hero
  0002218    Installationmajorassigned (alfredo)2014-02-06Running exe get error every time
  000221711 S.M.A.R.T.minorassigned (alfredo)2014-02-02High DPC latency querying hard drives
  0000294481 User interfacefeatureacknowledged (alfredo)2014-01-30Speedfan as a service
  0002178 1 Hardware supportminorassigned (alfredo)2014-01-21Fan and Voltage readings of ASUS F2A85-M LE RETAIL are wrong
  0001222721 Fan controlmajorresolved (alfredo)2014-01-14ASUS P5Q (W83667HG) - Can't control CPU Fan Speed
  0002211    Configurationmajorassigned (alfredo)2014-01-14Driver error at startup on Windows 8.1
  0002210 1 Hardware supportmajorassigned (alfredo)2014-01-12No fan detection on Gigabyte F2A88XM-HD3
  00011459   Hardware supportfeatureresolved (alfredo)2014-01-11No fan, voltage, or RPM support on Intel DP35DP board
  00020559   Hardware supportmajorresolved (alfredo)2014-01-11In windows 8 Speedfan cant detect ATK0110
  000197641 Othermajorresolved (alfredo)2014-01-11The procedure entry point "Encode Pointer" could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL.DLL
  0002209 1 Internationalizationfeatureassigned (alfredo)2014-01-09Monitor
  00021124   Fan controlminoracknowledged (alfredo)2014-01-09PWM Mode and Type keep changing
  00022051   Configurationminorassigned (alfredo)2014-01-03need help on how to configure fan speeds, not sure what adjustments to make
  0002207    Otherminorassigned (alfredo)2014-01-02Windows locks up when SpeedFan is started while CPU-Z is running
  00020682   Otherblockassigned (alfredo)2013-12-29Freezing the mouse and the coursor
  00021411   Othermajorassigned (alfredo)2013-12-29Minor video freezings
  00021791   Hardware supportblockassigned (alfredo)2013-12-29Mouse and Keyboard lags when Dell Support activated
  00021692   Fan controlmajoracknowledged (alfredo)2013-12-29Small freeze every few seconds
  000200431 Fan controlmajorassigned (alfredo)2013-12-29System freezes for 1 sec every 3-4 secs....
  000109111 Otherminoracknowledged (alfredo)2013-12-28Asus LCD Poster compatibility
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