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0003091SpeedFanConfigurationpublic2021-01-05 05:25
ReporteravengerAssigned Toalfredo 
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Product Version4.52 
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Summary0003091: Profile support
DescriptionI miss a "fan profile setting" support.

It would be nice to have a way to switch fan settings profiles, say between "silent" and "cool", or "average", having a means to save profiles.
Additional InformationI have found a way to "kind of" save and load settings.

Observing how speedfan works, if we close the application, it keeps the fan speeds no matter how temperature changes (if we switched said fans to "software controlled"). It simply won't actuate as temperatures changes, because it is no longer monitoring temps.

If closed, we can just copy over the speedfan{params,sens}.cfg files somewhere else and "save" that file pair as a "Profile".

Trying to copy or replace these files while speedfan is open, results in all sorts of random crashes, so it is not a good idea.

So, as long as the process is closed, we can "load profiles" and re-open speedfan to apply the new settings.

I have then written a simple bash script to save current settings to a profile directory and restore it, tracking whether speedfan is running or not (script attached, tested under cygwin).

It would be nice to have a means to be able to do this from within SpeedFan, though! Or at least, maybe, support "hot-file-replacing", as closing and reopening speedfan can be a cumbersome process (as it probes all sensors again -- and requires administrative permissions).
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