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0003094SpeedFanOtherpublic2020-06-05 00:45
Reporterandokay Assigned Toalfredo  
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OSWindowsOS Version7 x64 
Product Version4.52 
Summary0003094: systray mouseOver popup is cut off
DescriptionSince the last version of SpeedFan (which has been around for four years now but still :D) the popup of the systray icon is limited in the amount of temperatures it can display. I have all cores of my CPU, my chipset, my gfx card and my SSDs/HDDs temperatures displayed in the application and when I move my mouse cursor over the systray icon it used to display all of those. In version 4.52, however, it only displays the first five and starting with the sixth the content is cut off. It's not a space issue by the way, I moved the task bar with the systray to the top to test it, doesn't change anything.

Would be cool if that could be fixed in the next version of SpeedFan - and I really hope there will be one! SpeedFan has been my favorite application to surveil temperatures and fan speeds for over 15 years and I want to upgrade to a new system soon (I currently am on a Z170 setup) and there is no other program like it. I remember the time before 4.52 came out when I bought my Z170 setup was terrible because SpeedFan did not support it yet :X. Please please keep maintaining it again, it is so important.
Steps To Reproduce* move your mouse cursor over the SpeedFan icon in the systray
* see the popup not showing all the temperatures (if you have more than five)
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Motherboard ModelASUS Z170-A
Video Card ModelMSI GeForce GTX1080 Gaming Z



2020-05-30 05:36


systray.png (9,536 bytes)   
systray.png (9,536 bytes)   


2020-06-01 21:45

reporter   ~0009429


Maybe it's because the program is out of date ...

About two years ago, AntiCheat Battley also started blocking the program

It is said that the program can be misused to hack in games

Since then, the developer has been promising a new version, but it's been over 2 years and nothing is happening ...

I think this program is dead and I'm very sorry ....


2020-06-02 03:26

reporter   ~0009430

No, this issue has existed since the release of 4.52 as I have mentioned in my post. Also, this has nothing to do with BattlEye crippling SpeedFan - which is an annoyance, but I have written a .bat script to restart the service and the program after I playing PUBG.


2020-06-05 00:45

reporter   ~0009434



I also wrote a program to reset the Speedfan driver

But I would rather wonder if the developer will continue or will not continue developing SpeedFan ...

The update has not been released for over 4 years

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