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0003095SpeedFanOtherpublic2020-06-04 13:15
Reporterjdl Assigned Toalfredo  
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Product Version4.52 
Summary0003095: VirusTotal false-positive
DescriptionWhen I download the installation file from your website and then upload to VirusTotal, at least one of the scanners in VirusTotal always detects it.

The SHA-256 of the downloaded file is e2ccb3c0d23f0d04ee8057f5ce3861eea952fb20694c1656c9805b1d4cd922ff.
Is that hash correct for "instspeedfan452.exe"?

Currently, the engine that detects the "instspeedfan452.exe" as malicious is "SecureAge APEX," which I have not heard of before. If the hash that I provided is correct, then can you please open a support ticket with either VirusTotal or SecureAge for this false-positive detection?
Steps To ReproduceGo to
In the search box, enter the SHA256 of your installer.
Additional InformationSeveral years ago I tried this with and, if I remember correctly, ClamAV was the false positive.
I don't remember if I contacted you about it then or not.
Tagssecurity, VirusTotal false-positive
Motherboard ModelDell Inc. product 09X6YN Version A00
Video Card Model



2020-06-01 21:45

reporter   ~0009428


Maybe it's because the program is out of date ...

About two years ago, AntiCheat Battley also started blocking the program

It is said that the program can be misused to hack in games

Since then, the developer has been promising a new version, but it's been over 2 years and nothing is happening ...

I think this program is dead and I'm very sorry ....


2020-06-03 16:35

reporter   ~0009431

This software is free, and obviously the developer's day job comes first; after all, he needs to make a living.
I appreciate that he took the time to develop this software and thank him for all his hard work and effort.


2020-06-04 02:45

reporter   ~0009432



I have already thanked the creator of SpeedFan several times for his great work.

But it would be better if he wrote an official report on whether he will continue with the development of the SpeedFan application or not ...

Lots of users are waiting for the update and no one knows if the update will come out or not ...


2020-06-04 13:13

administrator   ~0009433

Executables are digitally signed :-)
There is no need for hashes, when a signature is in place.

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