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0000673SpeedFanOtherpublic2017-05-18 06:10
Reporteralmaalma Assigned Toalfredo  
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Platformx86OSWin XP Pro SP2OS VersionCorporate
Product Version4.31 
Summary0000673: Speedfan causes stuttering in audio streaming
DescriptionI use to listen to web radios using Media Player Classic with Speedfan running. I noticed a local audio stuttering (not Internet related) about every 65 seconds. I used TaskInfo to detect calls not visible in Task Manager and noticed that the stuttering happens for a call to the DPC Time Placeholder. I tried various things, disabling firewall and antivirus, updating video drivers and video and audio codecs, the problem still persisted. I then decided to quit Speedfan and no more calls to DPC Time Placeholder happen, causing the stuttering to disappear. It would then be nice to fix this issue in some way, I'm quite sure I'm not the only one experiencing this problem but it is not easy to spot the cause.

Thanks Alfredo!
Additional InformationMy system is:
DFI Lanparty NF4 SLI-DR Expert
AMD Opteron 146
2Gb OCZ Gold Edition
Raptor 74 GB sata
Maxtor 60 GB IDE

If you need more infos please let me know.
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Motherboard Model
Video Card ModelPoint of View 7800GTX 256 mb (temp not detected in SF)



2006-10-26 21:10

reporter   ~0002166

Update: the stuttering happens also with videos locally stored


2006-11-01 12:15

reporter   ~0002174

update: I read the post about DPC usage and a bad video card, I suppose this is not my case because DPC utilization doesn't increase until lockup, it is simply polled by speedfan every about 65 seconds, taking up to 12.5% of processor usage. This happens only during an audio or video playback. I tried to downgrade to SF 4.29, same issue. I installed a new set of chipset drivers, no way. I don't see any IRQ conflict. Please help me!


2006-11-01 12:36

manager   ~0002175

When I first read your issue I assumed you were using an NVIDIA chipset. And you are. If you use the /NOSMARTSCAN command line switch running SpeedFan you might see the issue disappear. Nvidia hard disk drivers often do odd things. That's the reason why I'm not using them on my nforce2 based motherboard.


2006-11-01 13:20

reporter   ~0002176

Last edited: 2006-11-01 13:36

Hi Alfredo, thanks for the reply, in the meantime I came to the same conclusion while trying the different command line parameters; the problem is in the HD temp readings. I recently RMAed my mainboard, I'm using the same chipset and disk drivers (6.86) of the previous one which had no issue about this so it's quite frustrating facing this. Is there any chance to fix the problem by updating the bios (I'm using a different one compared to my previous board)? I'm just wondering if the SMART function is faulty at bios level. And lastly, is there any alternative to the Nvidia disk drivers I can use for my sata hds? In the meantime I left my ide hd and now I use the 74gb Raptor (sata1) and a Samsung 400gb (sata2). I would keep on using the hd readings in Speedfan so any walkaround is welcome.
Thank you so much.


2007-04-16 17:01

reporter   ~0002478

I can report that this is also a problem for me using an Asus P5b and Vista. Medi Center will stutter every minute or so with speedfan enabled but does not when it isn't


2007-04-16 19:43

manager   ~0002480

Try to use /NOSMARTSCAN command line parameter and let me know.


2007-04-20 13:37

reporter   ~0002495

I put -nosmartscan on the end of the target line in the windows shortcut for Speedfan but unfortunately this still causes tv to stutter. If I do not run Speedfan the stutter disappears. I'll see if the problem is there if I run Asus' own Probe software.



2007-08-27 18:01

reporter   ~0002771

Last edited: 2007-08-27 18:12

I am having the exact same problem when runing any type of player (winamp,wmp, mc, etc).

Currently I am running 4.33 beta 18, but 4.32 seems the display the same problem
(both with the /NOSMARTSCAN paramater)

Motherboard: Asus A8N-SLI Premium.

It only seems to happen with speedfan, mbm and asus probe arn't having problems.

When I opend up the smart window and loaded the smart info from my hdd I got a small freeze again, seems everytime I try to contact the smart info it happens. The thirth time I refreshed the info my system rebooted, no windows error screen so it must have been my motherboard.

Do you have a command line the completly takes out the reading of info from smart? I'll give it a try.


2007-08-27 18:12

manager   ~0002773

If you are experiencing this every minute or so then it's related with the hard disk driver. Try running SpeedFan with the /NOSMARTSCAN command line switch and let me know.


2007-08-27 18:21

reporter   ~0002775

My apologies, typed /NOSMARTSCAN wrong...

Works fine now, listened to a song without any problems even the displaying of fan rpm seems to work a lot smoother now.

Problem solved, Ty


2007-08-27 20:49

manager   ~0002776

The fact that SpeedFan seems to interfere with the hard disk driver. The fact that SpeedFan accesses the hard disk using standard calls from user space. The fact that only nvidia powered motherboards (a negligible subset, but still nvidia powered) seem to experience this issue. The fact that nvidia hard disk drivers caused a big mess in the past. All these facts make me think that this issue is more due to the driver rather than to SpeedFan.
I've got a P5B, SpeedFan, Windows Vista and no problem whatsoever.
Anyway: I'm closing it now as it looks like that a fix was found for everybody here.

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