Released 2011-03-17
0000895: [Hardware support] ASUS CPU Fan Monitoring Problem (alfredo)
0000967: [Other] No GPU Temp (alfredo)
0001516: [Other] SpeedFan windows freeze for one second at three second intervals (alfredo)
0001640: [Fan control] Since FINAL release fan control is not working on Asus Formula Maximus II (alfredo)
0001530: [Fan control] No CPU Fan Control - Asus P6T Deluxe v2 (alfredo)
0001678: [Events] SpeedFan & AMD SATA AHCI Driver (alfredo)
0001642: [Other] Speedfan hangs, no fan control, can't bring up UI (alfredo)
0001672: [S.M.A.R.T.] Speedfan 4.4.1 beta causes a system crash when reading S.M.A.R.T on WD3200BEVT (alfredo)
0001546: [Other] Hang UP while initialisation (alfredo)
0001616: [S.M.A.R.T.] Speedfan blocca la macchina se attivo lo SMART (alfredo)
0001643: [Other] Not Respomding (alfredo)
0000067: [Other] Errors when launching as a 'limited' user (alfredo)
0001652: [Hardware support] PC freezes after running Speedfan - lose display, have to hard reset (alfredo)
0001667: [Hardware support] No GPU Fan Speed Display with Nvidia 260.63 Beta Drivers and SpeedFan 4.42 Beta 2 (alfredo)
0001665: [Other] Speedfan freezes during opening, can't exit besides a hard-shutdown (alfredo)
0001674: [Hardware support] When starting Speedfan the computer crashes to a complete freeze-up (alfredo)
0001669: [Fan control] Speedfan doesn't work proberly on Asrock P55 Deluxe ( IT8720F ) (alfredo)
0001689: [Hardware support] Support for Nuvoton NCT6775F (alfredo)
0001734: [Hardware support] SpeedFan causes my computer to turn off (alfredo)
0001723: [Other] System crashes on startup of speedfan (alfredo)
0000601: [User interface] SpeedFan occasionally freezes for a short time (alfredo)
0000827: [Hardware support] Windows XP and Windows VISTA (alfredo)
0001337: [Hardware support] GPU temperature stays at 0 for asus EN8800GT 1GB (alfredo)
0001624: [Other] Multiple problems (alfredo)
0001117: [Other] ACPI temperature doesn't refresh (alfredo)
0000314: [Hardware support] ACPI sensors do not update after initial reading in Win2k (alfredo)
0001053: [Other] Wrong ACPI temperature (don't detect temperature change) (alfredo)
0001341: [Other] Speedfan may freeze in automatic mode causing 100% CPU usage (alfredo)
0001438: [Configuration] IT8712F OR ACPI (alfredo)
0001618: [Other] CPU temperatures not updating, and one temperature obviously not working (alfredo)
0001187: [Clock control] ACPI Thermal Zone Temp gets not updated (alfredo)
0001735: [User interface] program runs(appears in task manager), but no UI window/taskbar icon appears. (alfredo)
0001725: [Other] SMBus error with 4.43 beta 6 NVidia GTX 260 Forceware 285.86 (alfredo)
0001755: [S.M.A.R.T.] HDD controller error and small lockup at speedfan startup with S.M.A.R.T scan. (alfredo)
0001575: [Hardware support] system completely hangs on speedfan initialization (alfredo)
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