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0001618SpeedFanOtherpublic2011-03-19 11:50
ReporterUntil It Sleeps Assigned Toalfredo  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformEmachinesOSWindows XPOS VersionSP3
Product Version4.41 beta 
Fixed in Version4.43 
Summary0001618: CPU temperatures not updating, and one temperature obviously not working
DescriptionI'm using the latest beta, 4.41. However this happened with 4.40 as well.

In either Windows XP or Windows 7, my ACPI temp, Temp1, does not update at all. It stays stuck at 93F. Whether it's just come out of standby, has been running for hours, is running a Prime95 torture test, it always stays the same. My HDD temp is the only one that ever updates. As for the the AMD K8 temp, the Core temp, it's stuck at a polar -56F...

I'm on an Emachines E627 laptop. It has a AMD TF-20 1.6GHz CPU, 2 gigs of ram, ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics, an AMD M780G Chipset.

Steps To ReproduceSimply running speedfan will produce this.
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Motherboard ModelEmachines e627-5279
Video Card ModelATI Radeon HD 3200


Until It Sleeps

2010-07-07 06:01

reporter   ~0005318

I uploaded a report from the INFO tab.

2010-07-07 06:01


Speedfan report.rtf (54,852 bytes)

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