Released 2008-04-23
0000706: [Hardware support] Support for MSI 975 Platinum PowerUp / Winbond W83627DHG (alfredo)
0000474: [Other] CPU Usage Goes to 70%+ and Unable to Open the Program (alfredo)
0000505: [Hardware support] Not recognizing GPU sensor in multi-monitor mode (alfredo)
0001054: [Hardware support] Nvidia GeForce 7600GT Temperature Vista x64 (alfredo)
0000982: [Fan control] Speedfan experiences + tweaks (alfredo)
0000904: [Fan control] GPU fan control fails when switching to dual monitor mode (alfredo)
0000956: [Fan control] No fan control on LPC47B397 (alfredo)
0000884: [Hardware support] Request for add support for WINBOND W83793G (alfredo)
0000980: [Hardware support] Temps for Dual Video cards (alfredo)
0000550: [Hardware support] Video Card temperatures broken in DualView (100% CPU) (alfredo)
0000142: [Other] Dual monitors causes loss of temperature readings on Nvidia 6800 (alfredo)
0000237: [Hardware support] Speedfan does not display 6800GT temperatures. (alfredo)
0000410: [Fan control] GeForce 6800 fan control not working on dual display (alfredo)
0001096: [Other] Opening Speedfan causes Black Screen (alfredo)
0000948: [Installation] running speedfan shuts off pc (alfredo)
0000784: [Logging and charting] access violation (alfredo)
0000843: [S.M.A.R.T.] no temperature reading WD (alfredo)
0000693: [Hardware support] Support for ULi M1575 Southbridges (alfredo)
0000379: [Hardware support] Not detecting temperature on nvidia 7800-gtx video card (alfredo)
0001125: [Hardware support] Support for MSI MS07267 / 945gm3 (alfredo)
0001118: [Hardware support] Need to configure,fans slow,temps high, (alfredo)
0001088: [Other] Temperature out of control (alfredo)
0000560: [Hardware support] Speedfan won't load with my an8 32x (alfredo)
0000809: [Other] Speedfan process zombies after exit (alfredo)
0001002: [Other] PC wont start after running Speedfan, possible BIOS/CMOS corruption (alfredo)
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