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0001096SpeedFanOtherpublic2008-05-13 11:21
Reportersnoopdogie187 Assigned Toalfredo  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSWindows VistaOS VersionHome Premium 
Fixed in Version4.34 
Summary0001096: Opening Speedfan causes Black Screen
DescriptionHello, I am useing a newer Toshiba laptop with Vista Home Premium, and Speedfan 4.34 Beta 40. Randomly when I open Speedfan, in the middle of opening the screen goes black. At that point only a hard restart works. It also happens when no programs are running and also the computer is at ideal. I also have speedfan set to be miniamized when open. Also what I do notice is that right before the screen goes black, there is the ouline of speedfan or te program itself there, kind of transparent or something like that. Please let me know if there is anything else you would need.
Thank you
Additional InformationAlso just want to add that I started with Speedfan 4.33 on this laptop (and I never used speedfan before that) and at first it only showed one temp. called Core, then at some random point after that,two more temps come up one day when I opened it: HD0 and Temp1. Temp1 is always 7 to 12 degrees Celsius warmer then Core. I use only default options and it only shows those 3 temps right now.
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Motherboard Model
Video Card ModelATI x1200 (mobile i think)



2008-03-15 12:05

manager   ~0003323

Please, use the SEND REPORT button on the INFO tab using the latest beta. Add some notes to the report. I will try to find your report, look at it and create a new beta that should fix the issue on your hardware.


2008-03-17 05:56

reporter   ~0003326

Ok, I just sent in the report.
Thank you.


2008-03-17 18:43

manager   ~0003327

I need to add some code to SpeedFan. In the meantime, could you start speedfan with the


command line parameter and let me know if you still experience those random lock-ups?


2008-03-17 19:03

manager   ~0003328

I just sent you a new beta.


2008-03-17 19:44

reporter   ~0003329

I just sent in a report with the new beta


2008-03-17 20:16

manager   ~0003330

New beta sent.


2008-03-17 20:18

manager   ~0003331

The last beta no longer scans some SMBus addresses. Let's see if this fixed the issue.


2008-03-17 20:24

reporter   ~0003332

ok, I wil give it a try.


2008-03-27 06:37

reporter   ~0003344

Sorry to bother you once again, The ther day I opened SpeedFan and it still is randomly doing it (where the screen just goes black). I am right now seing the beta you sent me.


2008-05-12 14:43

manager   ~0003541

Any update using SpeedFan 4.34 Final?


2008-05-13 03:53

reporter   ~0003543

Last edited: 2008-05-13 11:20

Sorry, that message is kind of old now and I haven't had any problems in over a month with using speedfan every day. But yes I am using 4.34 Final currently and havent had an issue with it yet.


2008-05-13 11:21

manager   ~0003544

Very good.

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