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0001118SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2008-05-05 01:52
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PlatformIntel DG965OT E6400cpuOSVistaOS VersionUltimate
Product Version4.33 
Fixed in Version4.34 
Summary0001118: Need to configure,fans slow,temps high,
DescriptionNew Gateway refurb, temps unbelievably high,installed Arctic Freezer 7 Pro to survive.
Watching fanspeeds with Intel Desktop Utilities,very slow.
Do you have this configuration? (or something that works) Appreciate help, Don
  P.S. Speedfan is the only program I've found that matches I.D.U. temps on this computer! Coretemp,HWmonitor,Sensorsview all approx 15c higher. Running Speedfan chart lower right corner,IDU gauges above. Thanks again.
Additional InformationNo OC (yet) Vista Ultimate came on machine,has worked very well
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Video Card ModelXFX 8600GTxxx



2008-05-04 23:54

reporter   ~0003462

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All the temp readings are correct and at the same time they are not (HWMonitor, Coretemp, Speedfan etc.).

The problem is that there is no software that can show you the real core temps of Intel Core CPUs. They can only read the difference to the specified maximum temperature, but no one knows this maximum.

So all programs (Everest, Speedfan etc.) read the delta correctly and assume the maximum temperature. The most common assumptions are 85


2008-05-05 00:00

manager   ~0003464

Norman02us in right. I chose to follow the flow. Whatever the majority of users accepts as correct I set as the standard temperature offset for Intel Cores. I didn't want to do this, but I accepted to do it to get uniform readings.


2008-05-05 00:01

manager   ~0003465

By the way: SpeedFan 4.34 should show a different value, but you can enter a temperature offset in CONFIGURE / ADVANCED.

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