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0000884SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2008-05-14 19:55
ReporterJaapMeijer Assigned Toalfredo  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformcore2Duo serverOSWindows Home Server BetaOS VersionBeta2
Product Version4.32 
Fixed in Version4.34 
Summary0000884: Request for add support for WINBOND W83793G
Descriptionspeed fan is detecting a W83627EHF chip and not the 83627EHG-A hat I have on my Asus P5M2-M board. the board is in ASUS RS100-E4/P12 server with 6300 core2duo and 2 WD500Gb drives. The info form he drives and LM75 seems ok, but not from the winbond. Would be great if you could add support, so that I can control the fans. I have already run the reporting tool in our program and sent the data.
Many thanks!
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Additional InformationThe chip is definitely WINBOND W83627EHG-A, However Speedfan detects a
A W83627EHF it detects temperatures ok:
System winbond NOT OK -48
CPU Winbond NOT OK -48
AUX Winbond NOT OK -48
Temp LM75 OK 31
Temp LM75 Not OK -128
HD0 OK 37
HD1 OK 43
Core0 OK 33
Core1 OK 33
Voltages seem ok (from winbond)
Vcore 2.04
+12V 13.46
AVcc 3.25
The fans however all show the winbond as relevant chip but
All show 0rpm and I am unable to control any.
The specs for the server:

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Motherboard Model
Video Card ModelxgI Z7 on board


2007-05-23 09:44


debug.nfo (37,925 bytes)


2007-07-20 09:46

reporter   ~0002635

Reminder sent to: almico

Dear Alfredo,
I have a problems sending emails to you. Do you think this problem will be solvable? (You are my only hope, so my fingers are firmly crossed). If you need further info, please let me know. Many thanks, Jaap


2007-09-05 18:22

reporter   ~0002826

Dear Alfredo, did you get a chance to look at my request. I twould be great to know if yo think it is solvable. Thanks, Jaap


2007-09-05 18:24

reporter   ~0002827

Reminder sent to: almico

Dear Alfredo, did you have a chance to look at this issue? It would be great to know whether you think it is solvable.
Kind regards


2007-09-05 18:32

manager   ~0002828

Please, upload here the result of a SEND REPORT. I can't understand which is the issue. If it's a naming convention, consider that those two chips share exactly the same datasheet. Asus, sometime, don't use all available temperature sensors too.


2007-09-18 10:05

manager   ~0002870

I changed the subject of this issue to reflect the real name of the chip that requires to be supported. I will add full support for this chip in 4.34 beta, which might see the light in a week or so.


2007-09-20 18:33

reporter   ~0002929

Great news, looking forward to the beta. Thanks for all the hard work.


2007-10-10 18:31

reporter   ~0003060

Hi Alfredo,

i have tried the beta on my P5M2-m board but unfortunately the fans still show zero.

I have sent a report.

Please let me know if you have not received it. I wish there was any more info I could give. Pleas ask if you need something.
Kind regards, Jaap


2007-10-10 18:39

reporter   ~0003061

Last edited: 2007-10-10 18:39

Did you raise the fan divisors to 8 oder 16? This is necessary for low rpms for Speedfan to read it.


2007-10-11 01:11

manager   ~0003062

JaapMeijer you have two betas. One is newer and should read 6 temperatures and 12 fan speeds. Very few readings are used on your hardware.

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