Released 2010-11-03
0001764: [Fan control] No fan detection (alfredo)
0001628: [Hardware support] Hard crashes, black screen, buzzing looping sound and complete unresponsiveness requires psu shutdown (alfredo)
0001528: [Fan control] No CPU Fan Speed Control (alfredo)
0001484: [Hardware support] GPU temperature display fault (alfredo)
0001619: [Fan control] Can't control system fan speeds (alfredo)
0001759: [Fan control] second video card settings not saved between relog/reboot (alfredo)
0001758: [Hardware support] Speedfan crashes the computer on startup (alfredo)
0001635: [Fan control] Fan speeds incorrect with RC24P resistor (alfredo)
0001523: [S.M.A.R.T.] Extremely long SMART query with AMD ACHI drivers (alfredo)
0001664: [S.M.A.R.T.] SpeedFan locks up computer with new AHCI driver (alfredo)
0001670: [Hardware support] Frequent Microlags and zero RPM value, Fan control working (alfredo)
0001750: [S.M.A.R.T.] Displays CPU, GPU, and HDD temps in Win7 32-bit; no HDD or GPU temps in Win7 64-bit (alfredo)
0001676: [Hardware support] after installation of Nvidia 260.89 drivers GPU readings lost (alfredo)
0001710: [Fan control] 4.43 Beta 2 - No Nvidia GTX 480 GPU Fan Speed (alfredo)
0001724: [User interface] After upgrading from 4.39 program runs, but no window appears (alfredo)
0001591: [Fan control] Unable to control fan speeds (Asus M4A89GTD PRO) (alfredo)
0001738: [Other] Speedfan startup scan hangs system (alfredo)
0001691: [S.M.A.R.T.] Add pop warning about Windows UAC blocking access to hard disk data (alfredo)
0001626: [Fan control] Fan Speeds Randomly reverse (alfredo)
0001717: [Hardware support] CPU fan speed wrong / no fan control (alfredo)
0001627: [Hardware support] Several bugs in 4.41 beta 15 (alfredo)
0001388: [Fan control] no fan control (alfredo)
0001690: [Fan control] Cannot control fans on ASUS P5QD Turbo (alfredo)
0001632: [Hardware support] Wrong temperature reading on Winbond W83791D (alfredo)
0001598: [S.M.A.R.T.] HDD not detected by win 7 (like 0001512) (alfredo)
0001490: [Fan control] No fan control (alfredo)
0001584: [Hardware support] How about adding GTX 285 fan speed (alfredo)
0001692: [Fan control] ASUS P5Q Pro Turbo (W83667HG) - Can't control CPU Fan Speed (alfredo)
0001682: [Fan control] Asus Rampage II Extreme - No fan control or display of RPM speeds - W83667HG (alfredo)
0001460: [Other] Speedfan very slow at startup (alfredo)
0001709: [Fan control] Since some 4.41 beta no CPU-fan control (alfredo)
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