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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00001959   Fan controlmajorresolved (alfredo)2005-02-26Fan's stay on full speed after resume from hibernate or standby
  00002105   Fan controlfeatureacknowledged (alfredo)2005-02-26fan speed runs on max. speed during 1 second when SpeedFan overtakes the control from bios
  00002095   S.M.A.R.T.minorresolved (alfredo)2005-02-25S.M.A.R.T. displays correct temperature of SCSI drives but temperature is 0
  00001863   Fan controlminorresolved (alfredo)2005-02-25Automatic Fan Speed works only sometimes
  00002074   User interfaceminorresolved (alfredo)2005-02-25Wrong Translation German
  0000127113 Hardware supportminorresolved (alfredo)2005-02-24Winbond sensors and Panaflo fans cause 1/2 of reads to be 2x the real value
  0000190121 Fan controlminoracknowledged (alfredo)2005-02-21Pwm1 don't reach minimum value
  00001853   Otherminorresolved (alfredo)2005-02-21System crash after start speedfan
  00001837   Hardware supportfeatureresolved (alfredo)2005-02-19CPU Temperatur isn't read out properly via ACPI
  00002032   Configurationminorassigned (alfredo)2005-02-17I want my cpu speed to show up when mimimized...
  00001971   Fan controltweakacknowledged (alfredo)2005-02-09wide open fan speed
  00001821   Hardware supportfeatureresolved (alfredo)2005-01-30Samsung SV1604N
  00001703   Configurationmajoracknowledged (alfredo)2005-01-24Starting and configuring SpeedFan as different users on the same PC
  00001753   Othermajorresolved (alfredo)2005-01-22Speedfan no longer reads any data (possible related to service)
  00001692   Fan controlminorresolved (alfredo)2005-01-20all versions since 4.17 do not control cpu fan
  00001711   Hardware supportfeatureacknowledged (alfredo)2005-01-19Accessing SMART disk parameters through a hardware RAID controller.
  00001661   Clock controlmajoracknowledged (alfredo)2005-01-19CLOCK setting is lost
  00001632   Clock controlminorresolved (alfredo)2005-01-15Speedfan losing CLOCK settings
  00001544   Configurationminorresolved (alfredo)2005-01-15Speedfan looses settings, - clock control, language,
  00001484   User interfacefeatureresolved (alfredo)2005-01-15French Translation
  00001175   Clock controlfeatureresolved (alfredo)2005-01-15Can this Shuttle SFF be added to the Clock Control
  00001622   User interfaceminorresolved (alfredo)2005-01-14Start minimized disables "Automatic fan Speed"
  00001601   Fan controlminoracknowledged (alfredo)2005-01-08Fan speed doesn't go down to 0%, but remains stuck at 3 or 5 %
  000003415   Fan controlmajorresolved (alfredo)2004-12-22SpeedFan looses control of fan from hibernation..
  000015111 Fan controlmajorassigned (alfredo)2004-12-17Constant Low Voltage/Fan Speed
  00001344   Hardware supportcrashresolved (alfredo)2004-12-13Hangs at startup, /NOSUPERIO, and /NOSMBSCAN doesnt't work
  00000457   Configurationfeatureacknowledged (alfredo)2004-12-11High priority setting
  00001145   Hardware supportcrashresolved (alfredo)2004-12-01Computer locks up druing startup
  000010231 Fan controlmajorresolved (alfredo)2004-11-25MSI MS-6765 MB: Fan control is reversed. 0% is full on, 100% is off
  00001221   Otherminorresolved (alfredo)2004-11-20Speedfan reads incorrect? temps. for MAX1617 on Nvidia 6800
  000010531 Otherfeatureacknowledged (alfredo)2004-11-19Motherboard Support
  00001241   Fan controlminoracknowledged (alfredo)2004-11-13Nvidia graphics card fan speed is set to 0 after suspend
  000011621 Logging and chartingminoracknowledged (alfredo)2004-11-01SpeedFan's charts don't like DST
  00000913   Clock controlminorresolved (alfredo)2004-10-21Speedfan looses clock control settings
  00000633   User interfacefeatureresolved (alfredo)2004-10-21url + autostart
  00000208   Configurationminorresolved (alfredo)2004-10-21Fan divisor problem with A7N8X-E Deluxe / Asus ASB100
  000010931 Logging and chartingmajoracknowledged (alfredo)2004-10-18If running as service, it blocks when initializing chart
  00001101   User interfaceminorresolved (alfredo)2004-10-15/NONVIDIAI2C Option
  00000943   Logging and chartingminorresolved (alfredo)2004-10-08Failure to display chart of voltage -12ve
  00001011   Logging and chartingminorresolved (alfredo)2004-10-08Sorting value names mangles charts
  00000961   Logging and chartingtrivialacknowledged (alfredo)2004-10-08Chart colors change when adding values to monitor
  000009511 Logging and chartingtrivialacknowledged (alfredo)2004-10-08Fan speed charts rendered unreadable by garbage data
  00000974   Fan controlfeatureacknowledged (alfredo)2004-09-28Nvidia 6800 /GT/Ultra Fan control
  00000921   User interfacefeatureacknowledged (alfredo)2004-09-25Add a feture to handle presets for fan speeds.
  00000892   User interfaceminorresolved (alfredo)2004-09-23speedfan.exe" "/NONVIDIAI2C" "dont show this box again"
  00000902   User interfacefeatureresolved (alfredo)2004-09-23add to startup or a service possable?
  00000258   Hardware supportfeatureresolved (alfredo)2004-09-18clock (and voltage?) control on nforce2
  00000807   Otherminorresolved (alfredo)2004-09-18NO GO on Asus P5AD2
  00000811   S.M.A.R.T.majorresolved (alfredo)2004-09-17SpeedFan interferes with hard drive power management
  00000793   Othermajorresolved (alfredo)2004-09-14After a time, Speedfan causes full load to one virtual CPU, and runs fans full tilt as a result
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