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0000013SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2005-05-08 21:33
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Summary0000013: SpeedFan don't support the great new Abit AN7 Mainboard!

SpeedFan don't support the great new Abit AN7 Mainboard!
Is it possible for you to support it?

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2004-06-20 13:51

manager   ~0000053

I do not have any motherboard with uguru. I always try to add support for new hardware. If I will find a safe way to support it, I will do it :-)


2004-06-21 17:44

reporter   ~0000057

Reminder sent to alfredo

If you can implement fan monitor with MBM data, perhaps I can beta?

uguru on ABIT AN7


2004-10-19 19:19

reporter   ~0000397

Same problem here - I have an Abit AN7 uguru. Almost every screen and window in speedfan comes up blank

I am very happy to beta test - I am a depraved fettler that spends rainy days sanding the tops of my processors in my PC and upgrading the capacitors in my hifi.


2004-10-20 13:11

manager   ~0000399

uGuru support would be the result of trial and error.
I will try to buy a motherboard with uGuru and will investigate.


2004-10-22 18:08

manager   ~0000413

I'm trying to find an ABIT motherboard to test uguru in house, but it looks like I will have to pay quite a lot for the board and the CPU...
I'm trying to find the lowest offer :-)


2004-10-29 22:16

reporter   ~0000420

Last edited: 2004-10-29 22:26

Same issue here but with a different board - Abit AI7 uguru.
I am also willing to beta test.

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edited on: 10-29-04 22:26


2004-12-19 17:24

reporter   ~0000553

Samehere - no support yet for uGuru support


2005-01-16 19:09

reporter   ~0000599


I now that Abit don't release any information about this chip

but i found this

the changelog of the program "hmonitor" on

January 15, 2005 - Version released;
Abit uGuru embedded controller support added;
Abit KV8 Pro mainboard support verified;


2005-02-13 10:54

reporter   ~0000662

Last edited: 2005-02-13 11:02

some outher program suport uGuru, but any of them gives fan speed contorl

I am also willing to beta test.


2005-03-17 00:47

reporter   ~0000781

Just letting you know that it doesn't work with the Abit AV8 mobo which has uGuru as well. I only have HD temps listed. Please can you fix this soon as I miss Speedfan after upgrading my PC. I'll happily be a Beta tester


2005-05-04 20:01

manager   ~0000868

I'm beta testing ABIT UGURU support. You can find the latest beta online. For some motherboards I need your help. Just give the latest beta a try and drop me a line.


2005-05-04 22:31

reporter   ~0000870

Last edited: 2005-05-04 22:32

Thanks for your great work to support ABIT's UGURU :-)
(How did you get the data for the UGURU Interface?)

Now I have tried SpeedFan 4.24 beta 8 with /DOUGURUSCAN command, but SpeedFan didn't detect my Abit AN7 Mainboard with UGURU.
I'll hope to help you with this comment.



2005-05-05 02:38

reporter   ~0000871

Last edited: 2005-05-05 02:39

This is a really good start, all sensors are now detected on my Abit AV8.

The problems I am having are that I the fans cannot be linked to the sensors on the temperature tab and the speed tab is blank

edit: just a thought, should I stop Uguru in the BIOS when using speedfan?



2005-05-07 09:39

manager   ~0000882

Ok: just a couple of notes. I do have an Abit AS8 and I'm debugging SpeedFan on this hardware. I'm currently testing support for READINGS. As soon as I will be happy with this part I will move on to fan speed control.
There are two different versions of Abit Tools. I need to know more about the older release (like the one that needs to be run on the AN7). I need some direct email contact with you to try some very specific beta versions.
Feel free to contact me. I will do my best to support your motherboard ASAP.
Currently, SpeedFan should work fine on the following models: AG8, AA8, KV8 PRO, AS8, AA7-MAX, AG7 and AV8. Obviously, I need reports :-)


2005-05-08 21:33

manager   ~0000896

Starting from SpeedFan 4.24 beta 16 (which will be available online shortly after this message) Abit AN7 is supported.

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