Released 2008-05-14
0001087: [Hardware support] Unable to monitor CPU and Ambient temps following clean boot (alfredo)
0000740: [Hardware support] Support Andigilog aSC7621 (alfredo)
0001211: [Hardware support] Asus P5Q Premium - not detecting all temperatures and no voltages (alfredo)
0000587: [S.M.A.R.T.] Support for Areca RAID Controllers (alfredo)
0001214: [User interface] Disabling CPU frequency at "Exotics" (alfredo)
0001206: [Hardware support] Does not detect Abit AB9 Pro Motherboard (alfredo)
0001061: [User interface] Display limited to around 9 temperatures (alfredo)
0001188: [User interface] 9 temperatures in main window not enough for quad-core CPU (alfredo)
0000567: [User interface] Can't access the right-hand parameter-entry boxes in the Configure>>Event window (alfredo)
0000764: [Events] EVENTS feature doesn't work, does not support "update", malformed window at 120DPI "large fonts" (alfredo)
0001158: [Hardware support] Support for the 7600GS (alfredo)
0001148: [Installation] Slow (alfredo)
0001140: [Fan control] Everything except fans on HP xw4600 Workstation (alfredo)
0000815: [Hardware support] Please add support for LM96000 (alfredo)
0000871: [Other] Unable to launch old dos game when speedfan installed (alfredo)
0001137: [Hardware support] System powers off on speedfan startup during SMBus scan (alfredo)
0001021: [Other] Access violation on load (alfredo)
0001056: [Other] Access violation at address 004CD8BA in module speedfan caused by VirtualBox (alfredo)
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