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0000815SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2007-03-07 08:262008-05-15 11:26
Assigned Toalfredo 
PlatformOSWindows XPOS Version
Product Version4.32 
Target VersionFixed in Version4.35 beta 
Summary0000815: Please add support for LM96000
DescriptionLM96000 will be identify as LM85B.
There is shown a temperature offset for all 3 sensors (1 internal and 2 external), so all three temperature values are incorrect.
Please add support for LM96000.
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alfredo (manager)
2008-05-15 10:11

I'm working on this, but the LM96000 is a superset of the LM85 and the temperature readings are the same. Where did you read about the offset?
tjerger (reporter)
2008-05-15 10:17

I had made some temperature tests with a external measuring device (multimeter)
and so I get the offset.
alfredo (manager)
2008-05-15 10:20

Basically, everything is the same between the LM85B and the LM96000. The only relevant difference I could find is that the LM96000 has an extended range of PWM CLOCK selections.
alfredo (manager)
2008-05-15 10:22

I just sent you the latest beta.
alfredo (manager)
2008-05-15 10:25

The temperatures reported by the LM96000, just like all other hardware monitors, are those reported by the thermistors, or the likes. Depending on where and how the thermistor is placed, you get slightly different results. On nVidia video cards, for example, the offset between such a reading and the actual temperature can be in excess of 10C. SpeedFan reports the temperature as it is reported by the hardware monitor chip itself. If you want, you can manually enter offsets in CONFIGURE / ADVANCED.
tjerger (reporter)
2008-05-15 10:26

Its o.k. if you correct only the detection:
"LM96000" instead of "LM85B".
The offset I can adjust manually.
Thanks for your help.
alfredo (manager)
2008-05-15 11:10

New beta sent.
alfredo (manager)
2008-05-15 11:11

I just sent a new beta that should completely fix this issue.

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