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0000587SpeedFanS.M.A.R.T.public2008-08-11 12:39
Reporterrob Assigned Toalfredo  
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Fixed in Version4.35 beta 
Summary0000587: Support for Areca RAID Controllers
DescriptionAreca RAID Controllers are supporting Temperature moninoring of all attached harddrives. Probably SMART access for individual drives is also possible.

Should be easily doable, because there exist publicly available API for accessing these features.
API is probably same for all their controllers.

I'm willing to test it if you decide to implement this feature (I'm also Delphi developer, so I'm able to test/debug anything).

Public download of API libraries:

Conroller we have:

General web:
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has duplicate 0001016 closedalfredo I would like to be able to add custom software temperature 'sensors' via an API 



2006-06-22 13:06

reporter   ~0001778

To eliminite confusion:
I just downloaded file
Unziped it in some temporary folder "arclib".
Then I opened Arclib\help\CArclib.chm without problem.
I can read all topics.
Some example:

The ArcGetHWMon method returns the information about a H/W monitor.

virtual ARC_STATUS ArcGetHWMon (


pHwMonInfo pHwInfo



HwItem: Hardware monitor item.


 Get H/W information about fans.
 Get H/W information about voltages
 Get H/W information about temperatures
 Get H/W information about powers
 Get H/W information about UPS

PS: Probably some small testing application should be created first. Feel free to contact me for cooperation by email or ICQ or Jabber (I will gladly provide you those contacts by email).


2006-06-22 13:12

manager   ~0001779

I downloaded the most recent zip.
Does it work for you?


2006-06-22 13:25

reporter   ~0001781

I even tried "\Arclib_VS2005\help\CArclib.chm" - it's identical and is working too.


2006-06-22 13:34

manager   ~0001782

WOW! Another great performance from Windows XP! I had that CHM on a path deep on a network drive. I tried to copy it to the root of a local filesystem and now I can read it!


2006-06-22 13:34

reporter   ~0001783

You may try to open this:


2006-06-22 13:38

reporter   ~0001784

Nice - Windows are full of surprises :-)


2006-06-22 18:24

manager   ~0001785

If you contact me by email we can try to sort this out :-)


2006-09-20 11:48

reporter   ~0001999

hey, how's this coming?


2007-05-30 00:52

reporter   ~0002558

hi, this feature would be really useful to me, as i have speedfan running on my server in the lounge (to keep the fans quiet) but there's no good way of monitoring the HD temps and adjusting the fans appropriately


2008-05-02 14:03

manager   ~0003436

All of you, Areca owners, please, send me an email. Do not contact me using GMAIL, because it blocks zipped exes.


2008-08-11 12:39

manager   ~0003960

Full ARECA RAID support is available with the latest beta! Now you can see SMART data for each hard disk connected to ARECA controllers too!

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