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0001016SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2008-05-02 14:02
Reportergb115bAssigned Toalfredo 
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PlatformWindowsOSWindows Server 2003OS Version64-bit
Product Version4.33 
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Summary0001016: I would like to be able to add custom software temperature 'sensors' via an API
Descriptionnot entirely sure exactly how this would work, but i have temperature sensors that are not viewable by speedfan, (Areca RAID Card) but they do have a software API interface...

i would like to hook the two together, but perhaps sending an API message to speedfan to create a sensor, and then update the sensor via the API as well.

(i would create a c# service that did this on a regular basis)

this might be the worst idea in the world...but it'd be cool for me if it was possible...
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duplicate of 0000587 resolvedalfredo Support for Areca RAID Controllers 



2007-11-05 14:00

manager   ~0003171

I think that you won't need to write any single line of code. Just wait for a while...


2007-11-22 18:26

reporter   ~0003194

great! thanks for all your work's a really brilliant program

i'm more a c# vb .net kind of guy but if you need any testers....

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