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0000567SpeedFanUser interfacepublic2008-07-31 20:23
Reporterottoru Assigned Toalfredo  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformIntel mobo D875PBZOSWinXP ProOS VersionSP1a
Product Version4.28 
Fixed in Version4.35 beta 
Summary0000567: Can't access the right-hand parameter-entry boxes in the Configure>>Event window
DescriptionI'm totally new to your program. It works great as a monitor/reporting tool for temperatures, fan speeds, voltages. I'm stymied trying to create my first "Event." I cannot get the entry window (I enclose a picture) to show me the neccessary boxes on the right-hand-side. I've tried full-screen and reduced. I've tried every resolution from 1280x1024 down to 800x600 on my Dell 1901FP monitor using a Crucial RADEON 9200 128MB graphics card. So there's no way for me to create an event.

I have to believe I'm doing something wrong -- otherwise this would be a big issue for other users!
Steps To ReproduceAlways happens. I'm in a full Admin account.
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Motherboard Model
Video Card ModelCrucial RADEON 9200 128MB


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2006-05-27 05:59



2006-05-27 06:21

reporter   ~0001692

SpeedFan version is


2006-05-30 08:30

reporter   ~0001694

Here's a temporary fix for this problem:

- right-click desktop and choose properties, settings tab, advanced button
- change DPI to "Normal Size"
- reboot

All your fonts will be smaller, but you can set it back after you configure SpeedFan.


2006-05-31 04:04

reporter   ~0001696

Thanks, agraham!

I followed your directions and they were EXACTLY correct. I now consider that you have psychic powers. Thanks also for the quick response.

I now can monitor plus have warning events for overtemperatures (which I've validated using a burn-in program.) And I'm back to my elderly-person-sized fonts.

You'll see that my Intel D875PBZ mobo has the nice ADM1027 onboard -- but they neglected to implement its feedback control capabilities. I've started down the path of simple "rheostat" control (Zalman Fan Mate 2) to control noise. I'm considering trying an mCubed FanAmp -- but they seem to be only available from europe. Any experience with these? (Apologies if this site is just a bug tracker and not a forum. Please let me know....)



2006-05-31 10:28

reporter   ~0001697

Last edited: 2006-05-31 10:30

Glad I could help.
As for the fan controlling doodad, dunno, but go to this forum and search the Fans & Control section for "mCubed" and you will learn more than you ever wanted to know about it:


2006-05-31 13:37

reporter   ~0001698

Thanks for the forum lead. FWIW, 'bugtrack.almico' may consider this "Issue 567' to be closed. You guys run a quality site supporting quality 'freeware.' I urge other satisfied users to visit the old tip jar -- as I have. Arrivederci!


2006-06-02 10:15

manager   ~0001705

I'm happy to read that you found a fix, but I'm still working hard to find out why some tab on the CONFIGURE window have no problem resizing even using higher DPIs and some other don't. I assume there is a minor issue in the components I'm using when I compile SpeedFan, but I was still unable to track it down to the real culprit. I'm still trying.


2006-06-02 13:30

reporter   ~0001715

FWIW, I'm presently upgrading from WinXP-Pro-SP1 to WinXP-Pro-SP2. Also switching my AV from Norton to NOD32. New install on new HDD. Be happy to try any changes -- but just a warning that I'm a 'moving target.' Doncha hate it when that happens?


2006-06-02 13:54

manager   ~0001716

Actually I wonder when I will be brave enough to completely reinstall my system to upgrade to a new motherboard :-)


2006-06-15 12:22

reporter   ~0001767

Last edited: 2006-06-15 12:27

Is the issue fixed in the latest beta?
If not, when will there be a fix avail?

BTW: AFAIK it's a problem with "Large Fonts" (hope this helps)

Just checked the latest beta, problem has NOT been fixed.
Any roadmap?


2008-02-28 22:12

reporter   ~0003280

This 2006 bug is alive in 2008
Now we have big screens with big resolution and we must use bigger scale fonts
When 120 ppp fonts are used, speedfan doesn't fit to it.

Is speed fan a dos exe ?


2008-07-31 17:12

manager   ~0003894

SpeedFan 4.35 beta 23 fixes this bug, at last.
Anyone wanting to give the fix a try?


2008-07-31 17:57

manager   ~0003898

I fully understand your point of view. When I find duplicates (which is a not east job), I mark them accordingly and do my best to select the issue with more messages. Your report had exactly the same number of posts this one had, so I had to choose another metric. I chose the one with more recent posts. Sorry.
But, the good news is that I have a beta ready for testing. If you would like to test it, drop me an email and I will send you a zipped exe. The beta also makes the EXOTICS tab much more interesting (things can be moved and the custom placement survives restarts and even screen DPI changes :-)).
Thank you for your time.


2008-07-31 20:23

manager   ~0003900

This has been fixed in the latest beta.

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