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0000760SpeedFanUser interfacepublic2008-07-31 17:10
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PlatformIntel P4 WindowsOSWinXP HomeOS VersionSP2
Product Version4.31 
Summary0000760: User Interface assumes
DescriptionYou have a user interface display window problem when my Desktop video properties specify
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duplicate of 0000567 resolvedalfredo Can't access the right-hand parameter-entry boxes in the Configure>>Event window 


2007-01-25 04:15


Events_96DPI.jpg (122,558 bytes)   
Events_96DPI.jpg (122,558 bytes)   

2007-01-25 04:15


Events_120DPI.JPG (125,088 bytes)   
Events_120DPI.JPG (125,088 bytes)   


2007-01-25 04:18

reporter   ~0002330

Sorry... I unwittingly hit ENTER before finishing typing the subject.

The two attached files show how crucial this user interface problem is, as the "EVENTS" dialog is completely broken and unusable at 120DPI ("large fonts"). Rather, it absolutely requires 96DPI ("normal fonts") in order for the complete drawing to be visible.

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