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0001662SpeedFanFan controlpublic2010-09-14 18:342011-03-29 12:30
Assigned Toalfredo 
PlatformRampage III ExtremeOSWin7 64bOS Version
Product Version4.41 beta 
Target VersionFixed in Version4.44 beta 
Summary0001662: Rampage III Extreme, no case fan RPM shown, all show zero!

Are you going to be able to look at the R3E motherboard to see why all case fans show the RPM as zero. I have not found anyone with an R3E MB that has SpeedFan and can see the RPM of the case fans. I am using Beta 4.42, the CPU fan and GPU fan show the RPM, but all four of my HAFX case fans show zero RPM on the readout. I sent you a send report from the 4.42 Beta program. I have tried all the different fan settings under the advanced tab and nothing works.

Any help will be appreciated and if I can provide any additional information let me know.


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Motherboard ModelR3E
Video Card ModelZotac AMP GTX 480
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-  Notes
norman02us (reporter)
2010-09-14 22:10

Have you tried increasing the fan divisors? Can you control the case fans?

Do other programs show the rpms for those fans?
idahosurge (reporter)
2010-09-15 18:42

As I stated above, I have tried all the different fan settings in the advanced tab, so yes I have increased the fan divisors. I have not tried to control the fans because I only want to see the RPM's displayed. At this time I am leaving all fans at 100%.

Everest Ult, HWM Pro, Asus AI Suite and Asus PC Probe II all show the fan RPM's
C_Matrix (reporter)
2010-10-06 18:16

Is there any solution?
alfredo (manager)
2010-10-06 18:30

I'm working on this.
C_Matrix (reporter)
2010-10-07 07:24

Thanks, I'm available if you need any more information.
alfredo (manager)
2011-03-19 18:04

SpeedFan 4.44 beta will fix this issue and show everything.
robert235 (reporter)
2011-03-21 11:45

Looking forward to trying Beta 4.44 but I can't find the download link when logged in on
alfredo (manager)
2011-03-21 11:49

Please, contact me by email now.
alfredo (manager)
2011-03-21 12:35

Did you receive the beta? I would like to receive a SEND REPORT from it.
Thank you.
robert235 (reporter)
2011-03-21 13:00

Yes thanks and sent the report. Speeds of my four connected fans are shown and there are more temperature sensors too.
idahosurge (reporter)
2011-03-21 14:25
edited on: 2011-03-21 14:25

Robert, the case fans on my R3E still show zero RPM's with Beta 4.44.

Did you have to change any of the fan settings under the configuration tab to get the RPM of your case fans to display?

If you changed anything what did you change?

robert235 (reporter)
2011-03-21 22:27

No setting changes, the beta worked immediately. The fan speeds associated with the chip labeled 'Winbond' still show zero but there is a new sensor chip listed, 'ATK0110' which shows speeds for the two chassis fans, optional fan, CPU fan and pwr fan. Also the ICH and MCH temps are shown and it seems everything is labeled correctly too!
idahosurge (reporter)
2011-03-24 00:09

Every works great with Beta 4.44!

The status of this issue can be changed to resolved!

Thank you Alfredo for your never ending work on updating SpeedFan to work with the new sensor chips that keep showing up all the time!
C_Matrix (reporter)
2011-03-24 00:33

How can I get this new beta? Thanks for the persistent work.
alfredo (manager)
2011-03-29 12:29

I plan to publish this beta later this week.

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