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0001646SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2011-03-19 18:07
ReporterKnight2000 Assigned Toalfredo  
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
PlatformAsus Rampage III ExtremeOSWindows 7 OS VersionX64
Product Version4.41 beta 
Summary0001646: Rpm of Cha_Fan and Opt_Fan Not Displaying
DescriptionI tried using Speedfan 4.41 on my rampage III and only CPU Rpm is being displayed. None of the other fans attached to the motherboard are even recognized by Speedfan, however BIOS has no problem reading the RPM's of each one of the fans attached to either Cha_Fan or Opt_Fan headers.
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Motherboard ModelAsus Rampage III Extreme
Video Card ModelAsus GTX 470


duplicate of 0001662 resolvedalfredo Rampage III Extreme, no case fan RPM shown, all show zero! 



2010-08-12 13:58

reporter   ~0005342

Have you tried increasing the fan divisor to 8 or 16? That is necessary for low fan speeds.


2010-08-12 20:02

reporter   ~0005346

I have tried every single divisor but rpm shows 0 all the time.


2010-08-26 02:30

reporter   ~0005364


Did you ever get SpeedFan to display the RPM of the chassis fans? I just got a R3E and I have the exact same results as you did. I also tried all teh divisors and none worked. Only the CPU fan will show an RPM readout.


2010-08-26 03:59

reporter   ~0005365

I have used Speedfan on my previous built and i pretty much know the program inside out by now. I'm 100% sure its not a setup problem. Its just an issue with the way the program and the winbond chip communicate. I'm still waiting on some kind of solution, right now im using everest sidebar option to monitor my rpm fans and leaving speedfan to control fan speed based on temperature.


2010-09-04 20:56

reporter   ~0005404

I just noticed one thing. Whenever i try to change the Fan Divisor i can only change Fan 2 Divisor to whatever i want all the other ones reset to 128 as soon as i click OK even if "remember it" is checked. Any ideas Alfredo?

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