Released 2008-08-19
0001242: [Other] F1 and configure; arrows and checks; large temp offsets; Dell RAID 0 shows no temp; fans show 0rpm. (alfredo)
0001241: [Hardware support] GPU Support (Call error/Access Violation) (alfredo)
0001162: [Hardware support] Not correct display of volume of memory RIMM PC-800 (alfredo)
0001239: [Fan control] SpeedFan only changes speed of one fan. 2nd stays at 100% (alfredo)
0001238: [Hardware support] Areca ARC-1220 raid controller initialisation bug / freeze at Speedfan start (alfredo)
0001233: [Installation] SF_4.36beta10 on my computer does not work. Does not appear either one sensor. (alfredo)
0000517: [Hardware support] I Wanted To Know Does SpeedFan Supports Video Cards Of nVidia Hardware. (alfredo)
0000562: [Hardware support] Detection of SMSC EMC6W201 monitoring device fails (alfredo)
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