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0000360SpeedFanS.M.A.R.T.public2008-05-03 11:18
Reporterromkes Assigned Toalfredo  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformAMD 64, Asus A8V DeluxeOSWindows XP ProfessionalOS VersionBuild 2600 SP2
Product Version4.26 
Fixed in Version4.28 
Summary0000360: S.M.A.R.T. does not display correct type of Maxtor harddisk (letters are mixed up)
DescriptionWhen accessing the S.M.A.R.T. overview tab, my two 300 GB Diamond Max 10 Maxtor harddisks (type 6L300S0 and 6B300S0) are not displayed correctly. Models are displayed as
1. "aMtxro6 3B000S" instead of "Maxtor 6B300S0"
2. "aMtxro6 3L000S" instead of "Maxtor 6L300S0"

My third Maxtor Diamond Max 9 160 GB is displayed correctly.
Steps To ReproduceSimply let Speedfan start, go to tab S.M.A.R.T. and select disk...
Additional InformationI noticed this issue also in previous versions of Speedfan, but as I only had one 300 GB harddisk, I assumed this to be a problem of this specific disk. Since I bought a second 300GB disk today and noticed the same error, I assume it is a problem of Speedfan. Other programs like Win XP itself, Everest Home or Sisoft Sandra do report the correct names.
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Motherboard Model
Video Card ModelMatrox G550 Dual head 32MB


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2005-10-01 07:49

reporter   ~0001247

my wd 320gb is displayed ok in correct order


2005-10-01 10:29

manager   ~0001250

I was waiting for a report like yours. This "mix" happens on very rare occasions and it has to do, I think, with the driver. I need to find a way to detect why this happens and how to fix it. I will carefully read the documentation and will get back to you with a new beta to try.
Please, note that this name mismatch has no side effect if not aesthetic.


2005-10-02 02:03

reporter   ~0001254

Last edited: 2005-10-02 03:33

How funny :-(...

As I bought the second 300 GB Maxtor (6L300S0) as a spare for a RAID-1 setup, I had to change connections on the A8V from the Promise PDC20378 controller to the VIA VT8237 Southbridge SATA connections as I prefer the VIA to handle the RAID set... guess what... now the 160 GB Maxtor has the mix up in the name, the 300 GB 6B300S0 is read correctly and the 300 GB 6L300S0 is not detected at all by speedfan! Let's investigate a bit more...

Win XP still sees all drives and their corresponding names in the device manager; the disks are fully functional. Everest Home (2.20.405) appears to have problems to read the 6L300S0 and reports a second 6B300S0 with very funny parameters so here goes something wrong as well. The other two disks are read correctly by Everest.

Sisoft Sandra (2005.2.10.50 SR-1) makes it even more interesting and reads:

A. Maxtor Diamond Max 10 300 GB, type 6B300S0
1. in the SCSI Information: Field: Name=B300S0; Field: Manufacturer=Maxtor 6
2. in the ATA/ATAPI Information: Field Model Number=6B300S0

B. Maxtor Diamond Max 10 300 GB, type 6L300S0
1. in the SCSI Information: Field: Name=L300S0; Field: Manufacturer=Maxtor 6
2. in the ATA/ATAPI Information: NOT DETECTED?!

C. Maxtor Diamond Max 9 160 GB, type 6Y160M0
1. in the SCSI Information: Field: Name=Y160M0; Field: Manufacturer=Maxtor 6
2. in the ATA/ATAPI Information: Field Model Number=aMtxro6 1Y060M
So for the ATA/ATAPI information this is THE SAME AS SPEEDFAN!

For the record, how everything is/was connected...
1. Original post: 6B300S0 on Promise channel 0 (=SATA RAID1); 6L300S0 on Promise channel 1 (=SATA RAID2); 6Y160M0 on VIA channel 0 (=SATA1).
2. For the readings in this note above: 6Y160M0 on Promise channel 0 (=SATA RAID1); 6B300S0 on VIA channel 0 (=SATA1); 6L300S0 on VIA channel 1 (=SATA2).

NOTE: During start-up, the corresponding bioses of both controllers ALWAYS read the disks correctly, no matter on which controller what disk connected.

So, I don't see the logic yet why the VIA connected 6L300S0 is not read at all by Everest and Speedfan, but apparently the Promise controller always seems to report these "mixed" names. Still more investigation needed!

So I now swapped the two 300 GB disks on the VIA controller channels. Speedfan only sees the 6L300S0 and the 6B300S0 is gone - so it seems to be a problem for the software to read the secondary VIA channel - bios still reports fine; the rest remains the same. Too bad; now the temperature is missing in Speedfan :-(

As I got insecure whether Sisoft Sandra indeed read the disks as I wrote in the original post, I swapped the connections back again to the original post state. Indeed, in the SCSI Information everything is read correctly (so all harddisks are correct and present), but in the ATA/ATAPI information, the fields for the Promise controller are mixed up, and the 6L300S0 on the secondary channel is not detected; Speedfan however sees this disk!

I swapped back, forth, left, right, up and down - all above is reproducible.

Awaiting the Beta release to test. Seems indeed like a driver issue and unfortunately, this issue is now more than aestethic for the secondary VIA channel ;-). Good luck!


2005-10-02 10:19

manager   ~0001258

If you have a look at result from a SEND REPORT (INFO tab) you should see that SpeedFan actually detects all of your hard disks, but it doesn't show the third one because, most likely, returned data is exactly the same as the second one. Double check serial numbers. This is something that happens on some buggy drivers and there is nothing I can do about it.
Mixed up letters, on the other hand might be fixable. I need to have a look at some bits in one header to find out whether there is a flag that suggests to use big-endian rather than little-endian.


2005-10-03 22:54

reporter   ~0001277

I just send a report through the send info tool. In this report, only two harddisks have been detected, the primary boot disk (Maxtor Diamond Max 9 160 GB, type 6Y160M0) and the source disk of my RAID-1 setup (Maxtor Diamond Max 10 300 GB, type 6B300S0). The RAID is setup through the VIA VT8237 (bios 2.01), as it is supposed to be faster than the promise controller which is connected to the PCI bus. The mirror disk is Maxtor Diamond Max 10 300 GB, type 6L300S0, which is not in the report. However, now only WinXp knows this disk is there (and also the VIA RAID tool of course), nor Everest Home nor Sisoft Sandra see this disk.


2005-12-05 18:09

reporter   ~0001386

I can confirm that maxtor drives have a problem. My maxtor maxline III 300gb is not seen by anything but the windows XP.
I have a Sil 3112a controller and speedfan sees the seagate drive connected to it but not the maxtor one. The only way to see the SMART data of my maxtor is to login into
linux and use smartctl. smartctl on windows doesn't see it either. smartctl thru colinux doesn't see it. Basically, I have no way of monitoring the drive in XP.


2005-12-05 18:21

manager   ~0001387

I looked further into this issue and, according to all the documentation I read, it really looks like an issue inside HD drivers. Some of them do report SMART data from the wrong hard disk and some others do report a mixed up name. Actually, the mix is not illogical. It is simply a word sequence byte-ordered inversely than the way the standard requires. It looks like some driver is messing up with the name.


2005-12-05 20:01

reporter   ~0001388

Actually, if the internal HDD driver was the problem then linux smartctl won't report any SMART data either. smartctl under linux seems to report what looks like the valid SMART data (at least the power cycle count, temperature etc. look good).


2005-12-05 20:47

manager   ~0001389

Actually, if the internal HDD driver was the problem then linux smartctl won't report any SMART data either. smartctl under linux seems to report what looks like the valid SMART data (at least the power cycle count, temperature etc. look good).

I guess you are talking about the firmware. I was talking about hard disk drivers. Those are, obviously, OS specific. There is no relationship between Linux and Windows when coming to drivers.


2005-12-06 00:53

reporter   ~0001390

I thought you referred to the firmware when you said "inside HD drivers", which of course sounded like 'internal HD drivers' in my head. Sorry, my mistake.

anyway, so the end of it all is that the ball is in M$'s court (a practical black hole).


2005-12-07 17:57

reporter   ~0001392

ok, rather in sillicon image's court. today I saw a hardware update on windows update for sil 3112. installed it and voila, my maxtor is recongnised by the speedfan. I can now at least know
what's happening with my drive to some extent. It idles around 31-32C. is that good?


2005-12-07 18:03

manager   ~0001393

Nice to hear that! If I properly read this thread the latest driver update fixed the issue where the second drive was basically returning the same data as for the first one, thus causing SpeedFan to show data only for one drive. Is this correct?
Could you send me a SEND REPORT (INFO tab) from SpeedFan with a small note?
I would really appreciate.


2005-12-07 21:17

reporter   ~0001400

yes, thats exactly right. when I had seagate drive in there, it reported two drives' data but it was seagate data copied for both. when I had only maxtor maxline III drive, it didn't detect any.

I am at work right now, I will post SEND REPORT when I go home.

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