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0002574SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2016-12-21 20:012016-12-21 20:01
Assigned Toalfredo 
PlatformOSwindowsOS Versionwindows 8.1 pro
Product Version4.51 
Target VersionFixed in Version4.52 beta 
Summary0002574: Does speedfan support z170
DescriptionHello, i would like to know if speefan support z170? Because it doesn't work :(
TagsNo tags attached.
Motherboard Modelasus z170 pro
Video Card Modelasus gtx 970 strix
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-  Notes
alfredo (manager)
2015-08-22 17:28

Please, send me a SEND REPORT from SpeedFan's INFO tab using the latest beta available online.
pit63 (reporter)
2015-08-22 19:27

Hello, i have send you.

Please make speedfan compatible withe asus z170-pro.
I use speedfan since the beginning, i like it and need it ;)
alfredo (manager)
2015-08-22 20:12

You have mail :-)
pit63 (reporter)
2015-08-23 09:29

Do you think i will work in netxt beta version?
alfredo (manager)
2015-08-23 10:21

Did you receive the beta I sent you?
Can you send me a new report using it, please?
pit63 (reporter)
2015-08-23 20:24

Yes i recieve it, and i a sen a report 1 min ago ;)
alfredo (manager)
2015-08-24 10:26

You have a new beta :-)
alfredo (manager)
2015-08-24 11:31

By the way... The beta I sent you already adds support for the Z170. Now it's a matter of adding support for the SuperIO.
alfredo (manager)
2015-08-24 14:24

Please, send me a SEND REPORT from INFO tab with every new beta I send you :-)
alfredo (manager)
2015-08-25 15:59

SpeedFan 4.52 beta 4 will include full support for both Z170, the Nuvoton NCT6793D and the sensors on your memory sticks :-)
alfredo (manager)
2015-10-30 15:26

SpeedFan 4.52 beta 4 has just been released.

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2016-12-21 20:01 09876ggddzz New Issue
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