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0002123SpeedFanFan controlpublic2013-05-30 07:10
Reportersgarfinkle Assigned Toalfredo  
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OSwin7OS Versionx64 
Product Version4.49 
Summary0002123: Speedfan incorrectly switches to smartguardian after wakeup
DescriptionThere are fans controlled by PWM1 and PWM3 on the IT8721f at $290 on ISA. The conrol only works properly with PWM "Software Controlled" mode. This consistently works fine at system startup, or if I exit and restart SF. However, after the system goes into S3 sleep and wakes up, the modes somehow change to SmartGuardian mode, which doesn't work. I have to manually reset them.

Last time (the only time) I let SF try to do the automated crawl to gather system info, it crashed my system, so I don't have that kind of fine.
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Motherboard ModelAsus M5A99FX Pro R2.0
Video Card ModelATI Radeon 7750



2013-05-06 07:37

reporter   ~0007225

Two other things: Even when the fan control is in the bogus state, exiting and restarting SF reset is. Also, some or maybe all the time when I come out of sleep, the GPU temp is set to -99 degrees.


2013-05-28 08:11

manager   ~0007235

Please refer to thread 0001952 for the GPU issue.
About the SmartGuardian issue, are you using any other software similar to SpeedFan? SpeedFan, if instructed to do so in CONFIGURE / ADVANCED, set the PWM MODE to the value you chose. If you find it in a different state, most likely some other software changes it right after SpeedFan applied the change.


2013-05-30 07:10

reporter   ~0007239

No, there is nothing at all that I know of that is installed and would be looking at the PWM values or similar. Also, it only ever happens coming out of sleep mode.

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