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0002085SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2014-05-19 17:28
Reporterastor1977 Assigned Toalfredo  
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityunable to reproduce
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OSWindows 7 x64 
Summary0002085: 4.48 beta is losing track of my HD 7770 temps
DescriptionI'm using the 4.48 beta as the 4.47 was just too problematic for my pc. This version is functioning much better aside from losing track of my HD 7770 temps. It randomly reports a temp of -999 degrees Celsius.
Steps To ReproduceThis has only occurred after exiting full screen applications (and not always then) or when waking up computer in the morning (again not always then), I cannot reproduce this on a whim, so I regret that the above is all the information I can provide.
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Motherboard ModelBiostar TH67B
Video Card ModelRadeon HD 7770 1gb GDDR5


related to 0002120 acknowledgedalfredo Power saving mode messes up GPU temp sensors 



2013-01-02 07:33

reporter   ~0007160

This is continuation for
And you can call it "minor", but my video card has died because of that. Maybe Windows has tried some benchmarking while speedfan had an error. BSOD's, strange lines on the screen... repair is definitely required.


2013-01-02 10:18

manager   ~0007161

I am sorry to read that your video card had issues. Consider that this is not due to SpeedFan. SpeedFan controls ATI video card fan speed by means of the ATI official video driver. Even if SpeedFan tried to set the fan speed to 0% and SpeedFan crashed, the driver incorporates the logic needed to override that setting, should the temperature raise.
Getting back to the wrong temperature reported after resuming from suspend, I am trying to reproduce the issue. So far I was unable to, but I am still trying on different configurations.


2013-01-02 14:20

reporter   ~0007166

I never had this issue with my GT 520 card, so it might be a direct conflict with the driver for the HD 7770 card. OH! OH! I should mention that I'm using the 12.11 BETA drivers for my card. If others are having the same issue, that might not matter.


2013-01-02 14:37

reporter   ~0007167

Last edited: 2013-01-12 21:51

I don't know if AMD driver can override the values or not, but it didn't. While speedfan was running, exact value was set until speedfan exit. Of course I didn't tried high workloads on the card without cooling.
No claims for you. Just want to find the truth and make speedfan better)

You have to admit that all the issues are reported with Windows 7 x64. Some incompatibility maybe.


2014-05-19 17:28

reporter   ~0007392

I have the same issue with hd 7770 on windows 8.1 using speedfan 4.49 and newest ati drivers (not beta)

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