Released 2007-09-18
0000473: [Hardware support] IT8712 supports upto 5 Fans why SF just 3 (alfredo)
0000846: [Other] Access Violation in Module NVCPL.DLL (alfredo)
0000819: [Fan control] IT8712F(I) fan speed support was broken in release (alfredo)
0000704: [Fan control] Crashes immediately after start on Apple's MacbookPro (Core Duo) (running Windows XP) (alfredo)
0000299: [Hardware support] Support for XFX 6600 GT AGP core temp monitoring wanted (alfredo)
0000883: [Fan control] Speedfan doesn't support RPM monitoring, fan control, and some voltages from IT8712F on DFI NF680iLT (alfredo)
0000915: [Other] Access Violation at address 00545OAF (alfredo)
0000914: [Other] access violation on first start (alfredo)
0000916: [Other] Repeated Error when execution begins. (alfredo)
0000671: [Fan control] Reporting VERY high, 4000 to 5000 for two fans (alfredo)
0000793: [Fan control] Fan speed no longer displays (alfredo)
0000917: [Other] Crash after second start per session (alfredo)
0000657: [Hardware support] Add support for sensor ITE IT8718F (Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6 DS3/DS4?) (alfredo)
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