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0000096SpeedFanLogging and chartingpublic2004-10-08 11:48
Reportergxc Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformMSI 6380V3OSXPOS Versioncurrent updates
Product Version4.14 
Summary0000096: Chart colors change when adding values to monitor
DescriptionIf you checkmark an unchecked box with a higher position than already checked boxes, the chart colors change. This makes it difficult to understand dense charts as you check/uncheck items to monitor.
Steps To Reproduce1. Go to 'Charts' tab
2. Select 'Temperature'
3. Select the first five values. The bottom-most value will be assigned a bright green color.
4. Uncheck the top-most value. The colors assigned to the remaining four values all change (i.e. from bright green to blue). The color chage will be reflected in the chart at it's next update (just a few seconds).
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2004-10-08 11:48

manager   ~0000372

You are right. Currently colors are automatically assigned from top to bottom. I will add a better configuration scheme.

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