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0000939SpeedFanUser interfacepublic2011-12-27 06:56
Reporterneedwheels Assigned Toalfredo  
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Summary0000939: speedfan only shows single temperature reading in systray
DescriptionI could have sworn when I tried speedfan awhile back I was able to display more than one temperature in the systray but either I was mistaken or that ability has gone away?

If I try to select another item to "show in tray" it will toggle the other one off.

I tried editing the config file directly to allow multiple but it doesn't show either.

Would love this ability if easily possible?
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Video Card ModelATI


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2007-09-18 06:13

reporter   ~0002864

Agreed... would be a great feature now that Speedfan picks up nVidia temps.


2007-09-18 10:21

manager   ~0002871

I have to admit that this is an old request. I packed all those I could find linking them all to this one. Whenever I plan to work on this I end up working on hardware support and forget about it. I will do my best to work on this feature.

The Darkmaster

2007-09-18 14:17

reporter   ~0002882

I like the idea too. Is a good thing for Core 2 Duo for example, the processor have three temperatures to show

off-topic question: what is better: enable the PECI interface or leave then disabled? I have very different temperature readings with then enabled and disabled. For example, the idle temperature with PECI enabled is 22


2007-10-26 07:21

reporter   ~0003126

I noticed that Alfredo is working on a beta version. So just a little nudge to remind him of this. Alfredo, I hope you dont mind.


2007-12-21 09:36

reporter   ~0003218

I have to agree : it is a must have feature, especially with multicore cpu. i'd love to see that in the next stable version.
Whatever, thanks for the masterpiece, Alfredo !


2008-07-19 14:23

reporter   ~0003846

Please consider this feature. I have literally been waiting years for it.


2009-03-24 10:58

reporter   ~0004670

It's annoying that SpeedFan does not have this feature. It is the single reason why I won't use the software.


2009-04-05 08:06

reporter   ~0004697

hover over tray icon, hey presto, all values appear.


2011-12-27 06:56

reporter   ~0006760

Found a quick solution, though not ideal.
Run two instances of speedfan. Yes it takes up more resources, but you can display two different temperatures at the same time.

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