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0000888SpeedFanConfigurationpublic2007-09-18 10:28
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PlatformIntelOSWinOS Version XP PRO SP2
Product Version4.32 
Summary0000888: Enhancement Request- display more than 1 temp in system tray
DescriptionI just discovered the options set by the Configure button. COOL.

However, I would like to be able to see more than 1 temperature displayed on the system tray. Currently I have to use a separate utility to display the HD temps (I'm concerned about the air circulation in my box). I was a little disconcerted when I turned on the option to display the CPU and 2 HD temps, but when I shut minimized app, no change, when I shut down and restarted, still no change. Finally I went back to configure options and figured out that it supported only one temp being displayed at a time.
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duplicate of 0000939 acknowledgedalfredo speedfan only shows single temperature reading in systray 



2007-05-24 13:59

reporter   ~0002548

Last edited: 2007-05-24 20:52

The problem is that the temperature isn't displayed on the tray the way you think. In the system tray only icons of an application can be shown and with a limited size and only one icon per app is displayed. Actually SpeedFan uses a little bit trick so it periodically changes its tray icon to a picture of an appropriate temperature number...
Hope now you understand that your request is unlikely will be made ;)


2007-05-24 19:47

reporter   ~0002549

Thanks for the quick response.

Interesting. I didn't know that. You might want to reverse engineer this app (shh, don't mention the DMCIA (or whatever the appropriate alphabet soup is ...)) : - Hard Drive Inspector

I have it running right now and it is displaying the temps on both of my HDs in what appears to be 2 normal tray sized icons (slightly larger than yours, and a little easier to read as the numbers are white rather than dark blue). There appears to be one process running for the app in Task Manager. And yes, the numbers do change, independently.


2007-05-24 20:55

reporter   ~0002550

We'll see the answer of Alfredo (the author). I edited my response as he will decide...


2007-05-24 22:26

reporter   ~0002551

I know that apps can display more than one icon in the tray.

ATI tray tools, has an option to let you monitor video card temps in the system tray. When enabled, you then have two icons in the tray for this one app -- the original icon for the app, plus a second one that displays the temp.


2007-06-24 13:55

reporter   ~0002613

There are lots of programs that can display more than one icon in systray. For instance, now I have mbm5 showing 4 temeratures. I'd love Speedfan could do it too

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