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0000926SpeedFanConfigurationpublic2018-08-09 17:47
ReporterMCsquared99 Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformWindowsOSWindows 2000OS VersionSP4
Product Version4.32 
Summary0000926: Temperature ALWAYS show in Tray even when uchecking "show in tray"
DescriptionUnchecking "show in tray" does not remove temperature from tray.
The hard drive temperature WILL be removed, but another temperature appears as reading "88" without quotes. This temperature is NOT a hard drive, fan or case temperature.

I would like to remove any info from showing in the tray.

How to remove the "88" reading from the tray?
Steps To ReproduceUninstalled SpeedFan and reinstalled.

Moved HD position to first position under configuration/temperature

Additional InformationChecking "show in tray" DOES show the correct HD temperature

I only want to remove temperature and the "88" from showing in the tray, but keep the program running.
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duplicate of 0000241 acknowledgedalfredo Request: Option to hide tray icon 



2007-07-09 10:01

reporter   ~0002631

Seems 88 is the default tray icon when no any temp-to-tray selected.

I never used SF without tray icon so I don't know if it behaved somehow else in the previous versions but I tried and as you said in 4.32 I cannot remove system tray icon either.

Maybe nobody have missed this option before you >;)

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