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0000090SpeedFanUser interfacepublic2004-09-23 09:15
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Summary0000090: add to startup or a service possable?
Descriptioni would like to run speed fan as a service as a background service (no icons) so right at startup it will slow my fans down without me having to manualy start it up
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2004-09-23 00:01

manager   ~0000353

I added SpeedFan to the StartUp Folder. If this is not enough, you might use a tool like FireDaemon.


2004-09-23 09:15

manager   ~0000358

If you have got Windows XP, you might add SpeedFan to the Startup Folder, enter SpeedFan's config and check the option to Start Minimized. Then uncheck SHOW IN TRAY (in config) for every temp. This way SpeedFan will always show the default icon. The final step would be to HIDE that icon with the usual XP tool. This is the best choice, IMHO, because you will have SpeedFan start upon startup and completely disappear from your desktop, but will still be easily accessible in case you need it.

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