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0000869SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2008-04-06 00:07
Reporterrubanetz2 Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformIntelOSWindowsOS VersionXP Pro SP2 ru
Product Version4.32 
Summary0000869: windows crashes after speedfan start
DescriptionI added Hitachi 320G HDD and enabled Uli SATA M1573 controller in BIOS. Installed drivers for SATA controller (from Asus CD) and after reboot
when windows started and autorun started Speedfan 4.23 - windows silently proceeded with reboot. I updated Speedfan to 4.32 - no difference.
If I remove Speedfan from autorun and start it manually then there are 3 endings
1) immediate reboot
3) it takes 1-2 minutes with 75-100% cpu to detect ?Uli or Hitachi? I dont know since when I started notepad to copy log Windows rebooted. If just I wait detection end then within 10 minutes windows will show me BSOD.
For now I unistalled Speedfan and turned off case fans.
Steps To ReproduceEnable onboard SATA controller (Uli M1573).
Boot Windows. Install drivers for Uli. Shutdown power.
Install SATA HDD (I used new Hitachi 320G).
Boot Windows.
Run Speedfan.
Additional InformationHardware:
Processor: Celeron 330J.
MB: Asus P5RD1-V
RAM: 2G ( 2x512M Kingston, 2x512M Samsung) DDR400 CL3 3-3-3-8-2T
HDD IDE: Samsung 1614 capacity 160G
HDD SATA: Hitachi Deskstar500 capacity 320G
DWDRW|Floppy|network adapter etc (not relevant).

I was happy user of version 4.23 for two years. Right up to the moment when i installed SATA HDD.
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Motherboard Model
Video Card Modelintegrated


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2007-05-13 08:35

reporter   ~0002536

Ive just sent you debug report with SATA HDD disconnected (but uliM1573 enabled).
Everything works ok when disk is not connected.
The exact model of HDD : Hitachi Deskstar HDT725032VLA360.
Disk itsel seems to work - I installed XP on it ok but not stressed it much yet.
I hope this info may help you diagnose problem faster.


2007-11-06 11:27

manager   ~0003177

Is this issue fixed using the latest beta?


2008-04-06 00:07

manager   ~0003364

I assume that the latest beta fixed this issue.

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