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0000811SpeedFanFan controlpublic2011-04-09 13:57
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Summary0000811: Asus P5B Deluxe: Cannot change ANY fan speed and Temp Readings are wrong
I've read the other reported issues but in some you marked the problem as Resolved in 4.31.. whereas even in 4.32 only CPU temps are correct and none of the 4 fan controls do seem to work at all.
Sometimes (I don't know why) Speed of Fan 4 seems to work, but I just managed to reproduce that twice and by chance.

Lorenzo (Grazie!)
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Video Card ModelAsus X550



2007-03-09 13:43

reporter   ~0002399

I've uploaded two days ago the Speedfan report.
I can confirm that Speedfan can change the speed of the 4th fan, but only about 1 time over 5 reboots.
At startup fan speeds show random value (23%,64% and so on.) Changing them does not affect fan speed.
With 4.32 cpu temp readings are correct.
RPM speeds for CPU is correct, others do not show.


2007-03-09 16:39

reporter   ~0002401

Last edited: 2007-03-09 16:40

If I'm not mistaken, there's only 2 possible fan speed controls on the ASUS P5B series - CPU fan (speed 2) and Chassis fan (speed 4).

The chassis speed (speed 4) controls all 3 chassis fan headers at once. The power fan header cannot be controlled, as written in the manual.

Somehow the speedfan doesn't always read the fan speed until ASUS probe is started. You might want to start ASUS probe to monitor the fan speed.


2007-03-09 19:22

reporter   ~0002404

I've found that Enabling PECI and disabling Q-Fan fixes the random numbers and behaviour, but DOES NOT allow to control CPU Fan speed (nor any other fan other than FAN4)
I'm not using Power fan, so I haven't checked it.


2007-04-30 16:04

reporter   ~0002510

Any resolution of getting control of the fans on P5B Deluxe?


2007-05-04 07:57

reporter   ~0002518

I have a P5B Deluxe/Wifi and I am fully capable of controlling the fans. (Atleast the ones that are controllable). My CPU Fan is connected to the CPU Fan connection and it is controllable, My rear chasis fan is connected to the fan connection under the SATA connections, and it also is controllable, and the passive cooler I connected somewhere around the PCI slots, this is NOT controllable because that fan connection does not support it.

If I remember correctly only fans 1-3 and the CPU Fan(s) are controllable.



2007-05-05 16:59

reporter   ~0002520

Works fine for me now too, after I disabled Q-Fan in the bios. But:
- CPU fan does not want to go below 1140 rpm
- chassi fan rpm readings drops to 0 when they go below around 800rpm


2007-05-05 17:15

reporter   ~0002521

I haven't tested the CPU fan's ability to be stopped or not, but I'm guessing that the CPU fan can't be lowered under a certain RPM to avoid overheating...however, this is just a guess.

I'm not sure if you can see your fans, but a fan requires a certain amount of electricity to run. When you lower your fan speed enough it might not get enough electricity anymore and stop, hence giving you the reading of 0 RPM. My rear fan also stops when I go below around 800 RPM, just to make sure it wouldn't i set the lower limit for that fan it 45% power (and same for the CPU)


2007-05-08 20:27

reporter   ~0002523

yes u are right, probably not a good idea to go too low on revs for cpu fan, and pretty quiet anyway. Chassi fans, readings to zero under 800rpm but they still spin. but no big deal, regulation still functions OK.
My main prolem now is PSU fan that thunders, and cannot be controlled by the MB, so fan change in the planning...
Can only say thanks for great software!!!


2007-05-08 23:52

reporter   ~0002525

Last edited: 2007-05-09 00:01

You say you get a reading of 0 RPM when you turn your fan down under 800 RPM, well, I would suggest to try the following:

- Turn the fan down to right under 800 RPM so you get a reading of 0 RPM (But make sure that the fan didn't actually stop turning), then start the Pc ProbeII software. Check if the Pc ProbeII software gives you a more accurate reading, check if SpeedFan gives a reading when Pc ProbeII is running.

If the reading in SpeedFan is correct at this point, then you might want to set the Fan Divisor to a HIGHER value (mostly a divisor of 8 is suggested).

If the reading in SpeedFan still is 0 RPM, then the problem may lay by the way the MB calculates the RPM. I'm guessing it reads it over induction (not sure tho), if so, it could be that the induction your fan produces is too low and therefore the MB assumes it is not turning.


Oh, and a suggestion to all P5B Owners that make use of the Asus AlNap feature:

In SpeedFan set up an event that automatically turns of your PC when it gets too hot !!

(I left my pc on in AlNap mode when I went to work, and when I came home my CPU had 80 degrees celcius, while it normally works at around 44 degrees celcius)

The event (for XP users):

- Under "Then" select: execute
- In the first box write the following: shutdown.exe
- In the second box write: -s -f -c "Auto shutdown: CPU overheating"
(you can change the 'Auto shutdown: CPU overheating' message to anything you want. This message will then appear in the windows event log when the pc has been shutdown)



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