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0000771SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2011-08-17 17:15
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PlatformASRock 775i945GZOSWindows Server 2003OS VersionEnterprise x64
Product Version4.31 
Summary0000771: Winbond W83195CG-GS not supported
DescriptionHello. It seems I have too much time on my hands today, I managed to get another feature request sent...

Anyway, I have had an ASRock 775i945GZ motherboard for a few months now, and it is still not supported in SpeedFan. It has two fan headers (4-pin PWM CPU and 3-pin System) and, although it is identified as having a W83627EHG chip, it in fact has a W93195CG-GS one. I cannot, therefore, use Speedfan to control my fans on this system.

Would it be possible to add this chip to the list of supported hardware? If it is, will it be possible to adjust the fan speed of a 3-pin fan on the CPU fan header? I don't use 4-pin fans yet...

Thank you very much.



P.S.: Net to the Winbond chip, there is a large black block reading "TD1603CR" on the first line, and "0608" on the second one. I never saw something like that on a motherboard. What is it?
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Video Card Model945GZ integrated


related to 0001859 closedalfredo Asrock 775i945gz cannot control CHA_FAN1 



2011-08-16 12:33

reporter   ~0006375

The W83195CG-GS (note the 83, not 93) is the clock generator on the board, not the hardware monitoring chip.

Using SF4.44 temperature / fan speed readouts seem to be ok, fan control of 4pin CPU fan is also working.

3pin CHA_FAN1 cannot be controlled (not in PWM mode, neither in DC out mode), see also issue 0001859 (


2011-08-16 18:11

reporter   ~0006376

Thank you for updating this topic, twonkie.

Sadly, though, that motherboard has been out of commission for about a year now (upgrades and whatnot; I also believe it might be broken, though I haven't been able to test it thoroughly), so this might be a dead-end for me...

However, based on your findings, it seems everything capable of being controlled is already controllable by SpeedFan: there are plenty of motherboards/hardware monitoring chips where only 4-pin headers are controllable, and even then only in PWM mode).


2011-08-17 17:14

manager   ~0006382

Consider that the hardware monitor chips can rarely control fans directly. They need some external circuitry to drive a fan. The manufacturer chooses what type of fans to support. On most Intel boards I know that there is some circuitry that is able to handle both 3 and 4-wire fans.

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