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0000724SpeedFanInstallationpublic2010-06-19 18:20
Reporteralphacoms Assigned Toalfredo  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformAMD ~1600 Asus A7v266OSWindows XPOS Version2002 SP2
Product Version4.31 
Summary0000724: Cannot install: Unable to install GiveIO service into service database
DescriptionCannot install the software. During the installation, popup message shows "Unable to install GiveIO service into service database" and the log in the window contains the same.
Version 4.22 has the same bug.

The bug seems to appear after fresh WindowsXP Sp2 installation .
Steps To ReproduceAny time I try to install.
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2006-12-27 13:22

reporter   ~0002243

And yes, it was a Release version.


2006-12-27 13:25

manager   ~0002244

Did you try to reboot and retry? I never received such an error message. Or you might try to install as administrator.


2006-12-28 09:04

reporter   ~0002259

I tried to reboot, doesn't help. I login as admin always.


2007-02-13 23:03

reporter   ~0002350

Any news on this bug? I'm a C++ programmer, so I think I can help with the debugging, if you need.


2007-03-08 10:53

reporter   ~0002395

This is not an issue in 4.32, thanks.


2007-05-01 10:59

reporter   ~0002514

I am experiencing this issue with 4.32 under XP SP2 on a Gigabyte K8NS Ultra 939 with AMD 64 X2 4600+


2007-07-02 11:42

reporter   ~0002628

Still experiencing this problem in 4.32, so I think alphacoms's ability to install is connected with some other change in his/her PC. I have not yet been able to run Speedfan. I am always logged in as an administrator.


2008-01-17 03:09

reporter   ~0003234

I think I have the solution. I had exactly the same problem and find out, that my Online Armor Free Firewall was blocking Speedfan (also Clock Gen). I disabled the program controll function of the FW and all is working perfectly now. So these processes are probably blocked in your PC by some utility too. Cheers. Charbukow


2010-06-19 18:20

reporter   ~0005307

I have the same solution w/ version 4.40

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