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0000715SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2007-04-15 11:02
Reportereliw Assigned Toalfredo  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformWIN XP 
Product Version4.31 
Fixed in Version4.32 
Summary0000715: MSI P965 Platinum - Fans abd Vcores not detected
Descriptionusing Speedfan 4.31 or Latest 4.32 beta 8 I can't seem to get anything but Core1 Core0 HDD and ACPI temperature displayed - Fans and Vcores are not detected at all. I have spoken to the an MSI P965 Neo board user and he seems to have no problems but I can't find other P965 platinum users who use speedfan. Considering this is a very popular board It is rather strange.

I even tried the /SLOWDETECT swith but it did nothing...

Scratching my head hard over this one especially since the bus ICH8 seem to be supported and the fans are definitely controllable by either the bios or some low grade MSI app (dual core center)

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Motherboard Model
Video Card ModelMSI NX7600GS



2006-12-13 02:41

reporter   ~0002229

I also cant see anything that relates to the video card no heat info or anything (i dont know if this possible at all) - I don't really need this but fan speeds is the most important issue as far as I am concerned.


2006-12-14 11:12

reporter   ~0002232

Same motherboard, identical results as eliw. Of the four fan connectors on the mobo, 3 have sensor pins and 2 are controllable (4-pin connectors). The bios can see these connectors and the manufacturer software (MSI and ASUS graphics) supposedly lets you control them.

Hopefully alfredo can include this hardware in Speedfan since I trust his software a lot more.

It would also be great to see the Northbridge temps (ICH8R) if possible.

I will send another report to include my graphics data.


2006-12-27 19:49

manager   ~0002248

Please, send me an email so that I can find the SEND REPORT you sent me and investigate.


2006-12-27 19:51

manager   ~0002249

Could you tell me which is the SuperIO chip on your motherboard? It should be a large WINBOND chip.


2006-12-27 20:07

manager   ~0002250

I think the SuperIO chip is from FINTEK. I would really appreciate its name.


2006-12-27 22:58

manager   ~0002258

Ok, waiting for an answer from Fintek.


2006-12-28 21:05

manager   ~0002260

If there is one of you that can use the SEND REPORT button on SpeedFan's INFO tab, I'm at my computer right now, ready to work on your motherboard!


2006-12-28 22:30

reporter   ~0002264



2006-12-29 17:33

reporter   ~0002273

According to a test report on the P965 Platinum the I/O chip is a Fintek F71872FG


2006-12-29 18:24

manager   ~0002274

Markym, please use the SEND REPORT button on SpeedFan's INFO tab. Then drop me an email.


2006-12-30 00:26

reporter   ~0002276



2006-12-30 11:34

manager   ~0002278

Markym, your motherboard should have an F71882F. It was added in the forthcoming beta.


2006-12-30 22:58

reporter   ~0002280

Last edited: 2006-12-30 23:07

The new temps displayed by beta 12 appear to match those given by the MSI Dual Core app on my P965 Platinum: Temp 1 closely follows the cpu core temps, labelled CPU by MSI; Temp 2 matches that labelled by MSI as SYSTEM and is a believable case temp for my setup; Temp 3 varies from 100 degC to 127 degC very slowly depending on cpu load so I am not sure about that one, but it is probably the northbridge itself, maybe with an offset (not the heatsink which I can touch). The MSI app has displays for NB and PS (PWR) temps, but does not display a value.

MSI app gives control of the cpu fan, but no others. SpeedFan gives control of fan1 (CPU) and fan3 (SYS). The 4-pin PWR fan header is also controlled by the SYS fan setting in SpeedFan. Fan2 (NB) speed is displayed, but not controlled, by both SpeedFan and the MSI app.

All the voltages displayed by SpeedFan look good to me and match the bios values where displayed.

Time to uninstall the MSI app ;-)


2006-12-31 02:36

reporter   ~0002282

Last edited: 2006-12-31 02:39

You are using beta 12 ? ANy specific place you got it from please ?
My beta 4.32 8 (the latest on speefan's website) still does not control any fans nor does it show any Vcores.


2006-12-31 03:45

reporter   ~0002283

I assume Alfredo will make it publicly available when he is happy with it (I tested an unreleased version from Alfredo himself). Since you posted this issue, try emailing Alfredo and ask him to send you the beta in return for a report ;-)


2006-12-31 04:29

reporter   ~0002284

I did send an email anda report but got nothing :)
Guess he missed them. Actually sent like 4 reports or so :)

If you have a chance id really appreciate it if you could send me the exe in a zip if possible to --> wisereli at


2007-02-15 15:20

reporter   ~0002354

Last edited: 2007-02-15 15:21

Complementary information for the same motherboard :
Before I installed the "JMicron RAID drivers" (*), I could monitor my PATA hard drive via SMART, but since I installed them, Speedfan cannot see this disk anymore.
In my device manager, the PATA HD and DVD now appear as SCSI drives (!) : "Maxtor 6 L300R0 SCSI Disk Device" and "PIONEED DVD-RW DVR-111D SCSI CdRom Device", both under "JMicron JMB36X Controller".
The JMicron driver is the latest provided by MSI Auto Update : version dated Jul 24, 2006.

(*) Note : I don't intend to use RAID, but without the driver, my DVDRW Drive was stuck in PIO mode with terrible performance. Please note it could be a driver problem as it seemingly raises other issues (for example, Exact Audio Copy doesn't see the drive anymore, while CDEx does)


2007-04-14 22:09

reporter   ~0002457

I've got the same P965 platinum and also trouble with, so it seems, the "JMicron RAID drivers" and smart. Speedfan can't detect my 2 WD harddrives. I also don't use raid.


2007-04-15 10:43

reporter   ~0002461

Last edited: 2007-04-15 10:43

Please note I finally uninstalled the JMicron driver as it caused incompatibilities (with Speedfan but also with CD-Ripping apps that didn't recognize the DVD drive anymore).
Strangely enough, after the install/uninstall cycle, all the drives remained in UDMA mode (!), so I'm happy with the situation for now...


2007-04-15 11:02

manager   ~0002462

It looks like everything is now fixed.

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