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0000614SpeedFanOtherpublic2019-04-01 21:12
ReporterDarkplayer Assigned Toalfredo  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformMSI 6728OSWin XP SP2 
Product Version4.29 
Summary0000614: Language is setting to english on its own
DescriptionI've set Speedfan perfectly to my needs a long time ago but i recognized that if a HDD or an other IDE device is added or put away since the last start of speedfan,the setting of german language is going to english to tell me "New sensors are found".I have everytime to set it in german again.Hope there is something you can do,Alfredo =)
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2012-05-27 08:05

reporter   ~0006992

This issue is still there. A new found sensor or HDD resets the language settings - At least the german language back to english.


2012-05-30 10:01

manager   ~0006995

I am going to try to replicate this issue.


2017-06-13 15:33

reporter   ~0008497

Well, have you been able to replicate this issue in the last five years? As I reported in issue 2099 this bug is annoying, and it's easily reproducible (even easier on Vista+)! And it should be easy to fix.


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