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0000592SpeedFanEventspublic2006-08-11 14:38
ReporterJagz64 Assigned Toalfredo  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformAMD Athlon64OSWindows XP ProfessionalOS Version5.1.2600
Product Version4.28 
Fixed in Version4.29 
Summary0000592: Error loading event

I keep getting the following when ever i load up speedfan.
Error loading event -->
Loaded 0 events

stock system = no error loading event
overclocked system = error loading event

Win9x:NO 64Bit:NO GiveIO:YES SpeedFan:YES
I/O properly initialized
Linked ISA BUS at $0290
Linked nVidia nForce4 SMBUS at $1C00
Linked nVidia nForce4 SMBUS at $1C40
Scanning ISA BUS at $0290...
SuperIO Chip=Winbond W83627HF
Scanning nForce2 SMBus at $1C00...
Scanning nForce2 SMBus at $1C40...
INFO : S.M.A.R.T. DISABLED by user
Found UGURU (AN8)
End of detection
Error loading event -->
Loaded 0 events
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2006-07-05 16:25

reporter   ~0001796

Keep up the fantastic work Alf - Jagz

Any news on the Abit uGuru Fanspeed Cracking.


2006-07-11 11:13

administrator   ~0001807

This error message has been fixed in the latest beta. Anyway: it was actually a fake error as it appeared only when you really had no events to load.
About the UGURU, I'm doing my best.

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