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Summary0000507: No temp from new 7900GT... so here's code to get it!
DescriptionI've been using SpeedFan for a long time to control the VF700 on my 6800GT card (through a mobo header) and loving it. But now I got a shiny new 7900GT and the temp isn't reported. Wah.

But wait... this isn't one of the usual "all problem, no solution" reports. While researching alternatives to get me by until you could update, I found a simple little MotherBoard Monitor plugin file that says it reads temps and clock rates from *all* recent NVidia cards, and also reads your secondary (SLI) card if any. And the author is nicely giving away the source! It works; I'm using it now.

Instead of reading the device directly through the SMBus, it uses a "magic" ExtEscape() call to query the NVidia video driver itself through some kind of (undocumented?) API. This gets you the same info displayed by the NVidia control panel, and should be way less hassle for you than trying to keep up with all the new cards.

Code is attached. I'll be glad to beta test an update if you like.

Thanks for a great program.
Steps To ReproduceUpgrade your video card.
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Motherboard Model
Video Card ModeleVGA 7900GT CO Superclocked


duplicate of 0000517 resolvedalfredo I Wanted To Know Does SpeedFan Supports Video Cards Of nVidia Hardware. 


2006-03-15 01:44



2006-03-15 01:48

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The tracker butchered the URL. Let's try again:


2006-03-25 23:36

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i agree
get temps using nvidia driver is better


2006-04-30 22:31

reporter   ~0001648

Speedfan doesn't report temperature for my 7900GT either. I'd love to see this supported.


2006-05-09 00:39

manager   ~0001662

I'm actively working on a new approach to read nVidia temperatures. I plan to do it within this week. At least... I hope so :-)


2006-05-12 09:47

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@alfredo: that would be cool, give us an info when you have a new version.
Hope you don


2006-05-27 13:15

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In waiting for speedfan support, you can use the tool called NvTempLogger.exe : ;)

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