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0000358SpeedFanS.M.A.R.T.public2019-07-12 15:00
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PlatformAMDOSWin2KOS VersionSP4
Product Version4.26 
Summary0000358: When using hard drive spindown, Speedfan prevents hard drive from remaining spundown.
DescriptionUsing Speedfan appears to cause hard drives that have been spundown into sleep mode to spin back up after only a few seconds.

This may be unavoiadable behavior when querying S.M.A.R.T. attributes from the drive such as temperature, and if so, I'd like to be able to disable SMART polling so the drives can stay spundown.
Steps To ReproduceTo reproduce, go to the power management applet in Windows, and set hard drives to spin down in 3 minutes (or use a manual spindown utility). Wait for spindown with Smartfan loaded, and then a few seconds later they will spin back up. If you exit Speedfan first, when the drives spin down, they will stay in spindown mode.
Additional InformationThis is important particularly for HTPC and media PCs that often have multiple hard drives for storage, and the user wants them to run quietly and with the least heat generation.

Media server is idle most of the time, but the CPU can max out quick when doing a video conversion and the fans then need to go to high speed.... so I need Speedfan very much... but I also need to spindown the drives and have them stay spundown!
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has duplicate 0002213 acknowledgedalfredo Harddrive Won't Spin Down 



2005-09-27 19:08

reporter   ~0001241

I've seen this complaint in the shuttle forum.
I guess reading the temp wakes up the drive?
I would like to spindown the drive too if somehow feasible.


2005-10-01 10:33

manager   ~0001251

I already investigated this and the problem is that power management is not properly handled by all drivers. Some of them properly report the current device power state. Some others don't. Since this is unreliable, I haven't added such a check as, basically, it appears to be broken almost for every driver out there.
Furthermore, not all drives wake up when SMART values are queried. Doing such a query does not require any HD spin up. If such thing happens, once again I'm sure enough it's a mistake in the way the driver handles such requests.
If you don't want to access SMART info, you can use the following command line parameter:



2007-03-24 14:17

reporter   ~0002428

can checking of s.m.a.r.t be disabled after the spin down time set in power management?

sort of defeats the whole idea not being able to spin down your $100 hdd to save your $2 fan! (and noise wise) while still being able to monitor HDD temps when they are spining!

still a great program with smart disabled... if only speedfan in its user friendly form existed under linux!!!


2007-04-18 02:37

reporter   ~0002494

MSDN GetDevicePowerState

Here is a site with example code...

I would like to access SMART info (The HD temp is important), and I would like to spin down. Even if there is bugs in some drivers, I seriously doubt that ALL drivers don't work...

How about add an option to NOT probe the disk for temps when it's powered down? If the disk is spinning, then it's OK to read the temp, if it's powered down, then assume it's cooling off. :-)


2008-09-18 11:36

reporter   ~0004168

I would also be very happy if a kind of experimental option would be implemented, maybe it works better as you think?


2008-12-29 19:37

reporter   ~0004345

Similar issue was reported here:


2011-10-25 11:48

reporter   ~0006611

I agree with the previous posts, it would be great if there was an option to read the SMART values e.g. only every 2 days.
I'm using Nagios with Speedfan and sfsnmp to monitor a software RAID, but the drives can only spin down if Speedfan doesn't check SMART, and so I have to use the /nosmartscan parameter which doesn't display the HDD temperatures any more.


2013-04-19 19:02

reporter   ~0007216

Last edited: 2013-04-19 19:37

- Windows 7 SP1 x64
- 4x Western Digital Green WD30EZRX Hard drives
- GA-Z77X-UD5H with Intel SATA controller
- Speedfan 4.47

Starting speedfan will spin-up all drives that are currently spun-down
Starting speedfan with /nosmartscan does not cause drives to spin-up
Speedfan will not prevent Windows from spinning down the drives if spindown timeout = 1 minute inactivity.
If timeout = 30 minutes inactivity, then speedfan seems to prevent HDD from spinning down.

There is another SMART monitoring program called CrystalDiskInfo, I can manually invoke a refresh using this program. Starting this program and also manually refresh the SMART data does not wake up already spun down hard drives.

Hopefully some of this information is useful for you.



2014-06-22 10:35

reporter   ~0007403

Last edited: 2014-06-22 10:38

Maybe the disk “allows” to stop after small time but not after much time, only because after small time it actually not sleeps completely, but only parks heads. And continues rotation. And after much time Windows really calms them down completely, which Speedfan prevents. At my computer i could also stop disk with Windows during Speedfan, but using the Victoria utilit which blankly stops the hard drive, there's instant reawakening always.

By the way there's no necessity to use no-smart-scan. Just demoving the disk temp from tray hint already allows the disks to fully spin down.

Also, encourage from my side, too, to improve this thing. If practically impossible to read temp without activating drive, then to read temp only when it's activated by third parties.


2015-05-22 02:29

reporter   ~0007818

Yeah, would be really great feature to check drive's sleep state before retrieving its SMART data. Now we have to run HDDs all the time or run HDD fans all the time... =(

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