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0000327SpeedFanFan controlpublic2005-09-17 12:24
Reporterlarsthorelius Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformHP Pavillion d1262.seOSXP HomeOS VersionSP2
Summary0000327: SpeedFan looses control of CPU fan speed at high CPU loads
DescriptionI use a watercooling system, Zalman Reserator, which is splendid. The problem is that my computer requires the CPU fan to be connected at bootup, or the computer will shut down due to "CPU fan failure". Once the bootup is finished the CPU fan can be disconnected.

I use SpeedFan to switch off the CPU fan after bootup. The min and max CPU fan speed is set to 0, automatically variated. The desired CPU temperature is set to 80C. With the water cooling the CPU temperature never exceeds 60C.

At moderate CPU load the fan keeps off forever, but at high loads (BOINC project or AVI recoding) the fan starts. Once I push the fan speed "%" button on SpeedFan's Readings tab SpeedFan "wakes up" and turns off the fan, but after a few minutes it starts running again.

I have noticed "spikes" in the chart curves, which coincide with the SpeedFan failures. I attach a screendump of the chart.
Steps To ReproduceStart a heavy CPU load for a while.
Additional InformationI don't know what you mean by "Platform" above, so I wrote the computer model.
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Motherboard Model
Video Card ModelNVidea 6600


2005-08-10 18:44


Charts.jpg (36,376 bytes)   
Charts.jpg (36,376 bytes)   


2005-08-21 01:37

manager   ~0001101

It looks like there is some other "intelligence" acting somewhere in the computer. Most likely, it's the ACPI subsystem. It is difficult for SpeedFan to counteract it as it would require a constant polling of more values and it might lead to a continuos setting of different values between SpeedFan and ACPI. Anyway: I will try to figure out if there is any viable solution.


2005-08-21 16:33

reporter   ~0001104

disable CPU_FAN monitor in BIOS.


2005-08-26 11:49

reporter   ~0001118

MrRCS, unfortunately the BIOS doesn't offer a way to disable the CPU fan monitor as far as I can see. That is why I use SpeedFan.



2005-09-09 22:01

reporter   ~0001185

i also have this same problem, with ADT7463.


2005-09-13 20:39

manager   ~0001190

There are, basically, two options here. Either the ACPI subsystem is changing fan speeds programatically, or the hardware monitor chip was configured to automatically change fan speeds. In the latter case, you can enter CONFIGURE / ADVANCED and check to see whether there is an option to set PWM MODE to MANUAL or SOFTWARE CONTROLLED.


2005-09-13 21:51

reporter   ~0001191

in the ADVANCED tab, i can set the pwm to MANUALLY CONTROLLED or AUTO ON CPU. the same effect occurs regardless of this setting...


2005-09-15 19:24

reporter   ~0001198

Alfredo, the behaviour seems very random. Consider the copy of the chart I sent. Sometimes the fan suddenly goes to full speed, sometimes to a lower speed although the temperature is always the same with the water cooler. I have also noticed that the problem is much less frequent when the Pentium's HyperThreading function is disabled than when it's on.

I am now using a macro (Aldos Macro Recorder) which presses the "Up" button on the SpeedFan speed regulator once per minute. The Max speed for the fan is set to zero, so just pressing the "Up" button activates the Automatic Fan Speed function, turning off the fan. This way the fan runs for a maximum of one minute before being turned off again.

It surprises me that SpeedFan registers the rpm of the fan when it goes on, but doesn't do anything to shut it down again.



2005-09-15 19:35

manager   ~0001199

Reported fan speeds are not 100% reliable. This is one of the reasons why SpeedFan doesn't use them, but only acts depending on reported temperatures. I was asked for an option to repeatedly set PWM. I will figure out whether this is something that won't hurt the whole system.


2005-09-17 01:29

reporter   ~0001201

cant you add a variable in the event thing so that it can adjust a certain variable when the fan speed is not in the range you want it to be? that would be useful, all you do is add commands that allow the events thing perform an action when fan is either not running when u want it to, or running when you dont.


2005-09-17 12:24

reporter   ~0001202

I agree with aznspeeder, splendid idea. If it is possible to add the option for SpeedFan to act upon RPM's after presentation of a warning dialogue, SpeedFan would be a gold mine for people who have a CPU water cooler, a BIOS that doesn't have the option to turn off the bootup fan sensor and an irrational fan control (like myself). I guess there is an increasing bunch of people turning to water cooling who will have this problem, some of today's fast computers have incredibly noisy fans. Mine actually sounded like a vacuum cleaner before I installed water cooling.


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