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0000030SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2018-08-14 04:40
ReporterJax Assigned Toalfredo  
Status closedResolutionopen 
PlatformECS N2U400-AOSWinXP Home 
Product Version4.13 
Summary0000030: Erratic Readings
DescriptionAm running the ECS N2U400-A mainboard with the NVIDIA nForce 2 Ultra-400/MCP chipsets. I immediately noticed very erratic readings with the voltages registering very low. The graphs show extreme fluctuations with the voltages never getting up to specification.
Steps To ReproduceI've tried two power supplies in this system with the same results. I've also uninstalled/reinstalled the software to no avail.
Additional InformationI've also just tried nVidia's utility. It gives no mainboard information and won't even let me into the system monitoring screen. I notice on their website the ECS is not shown as a supported board. I have to assume the same is true for Speedfan. I'd really like to have some monitoring capability as ECS does not offer any such utility.
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Motherboard Modelmsi x370 gaming pro carbon
Video Card ModelATI 9500Pro/9700Pro soft-mod



2004-07-03 18:02

administrator   ~0000092

Do you get valid temp readings? If so then it might be that voltages are not properly connected. Simply ignore them :-)
If you can't get even temps then your hardware monitoring chip is not used. Usually you can confirm this by not finding any temp related info while in BIOS.


2004-07-03 22:13

reporter   ~0000095

Temps 1 and 3 are erratic. Temp2, which mirrors bios cpu temp, and HD1 are stable. Bios does not give any voltage readings. ECS tells me nVidia did not give them any system monitoring utility, so no help there. Anyway, after all this, I'm going to swap this board out for a Soyo SY-KT600 Dragon board that I recently acquired. Hopefully your utility will work with it.


2004-07-04 08:35

manager   ~0000096

It looks like ECS connected just a couple of wires and that only one temp can be measured. A "feature" by design.

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