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0000287SpeedFanConfigurationpublic2005-06-12 14:082009-02-13 14:33
Assigned Toalfredo 
PlatformPC Athlon 64 Nforce 4OSWindowsOS Version2000 SP 4
Product Version 
Target VersionFixed in Version4.27 
Summary0000287: Setting the action ('Then' selection) to 'BEEP' provides no effect when the event happens.
DescriptionTitle says it all, no audible beep.
Steps To ReproduceConfigure -> Events -> For a temperature sensor, set 'Then' to 'BEEP', set the comparison operator to '>' and the temperature to 20, 'For times to 1, 'Allow every' to 20, click 'Update' or 'Add' then 'OK'.
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alfredo (manager)
2005-06-14 10:45

Newly entered events do not become active until you finalize the configuration by pressing ENTER to close the relevant dialog.
Furthermore: SpeedFan calls the system BEEP procedure. If it is configured not to produce any sound, SpeedFan will produce no sound accordingly.
flachschippe (reporter)
2005-06-18 08:36

My Windows Beep device is started and enabled. When I press Ctrl-G and Enter in a command console, I hear a beep from the system speaker (*not from the sound card*). Looks to me as if the Windows Beep device works.
  If that is not a test of the beep device, how can I test whether it works without SpeedFan?
alfredo (manager)
2005-06-21 10:46

With Delphi, all I do is to call MESSAGEBEEP(0). I never needed to further investigate this command, but it should call the standard BEEP from your computer. You can use the EXECUTE action to directly call a wave player.
flachschippe (reporter)
2005-06-21 22:59

To get a beep, I used 'more > beep.bat' to create a batch file with '@echo Ctrl-G' as its only line. Then I used EXECUTE to call the batch file. This method does give a beep. If the Beep device is stopped, this method does not give a beep, so this confirms that Ctrl-G does use the beep device.
  However, it also produces a *foreground* console window for the duration of the beep, which will reliably 'drop you out' of some 3D applications (but not all). This limits the use of this method to emergency level events (where pausing 3D processing is desirable).
  To me, the main use of the beep would be to politely warn the user in the background, and let the user decide when to check what the warning is about.
  Can you give an example of how to run a beeping executable (e.g. wave player) in the background?
flachschippe (reporter)
2005-11-15 22:34

As of SpeedFan 4.27, the BEEP action works as expected, I get a beep from the system speaker. Issue resolved, thank you, Alfredo (:-)!

Using a wave player would still be nice, as that would allow using different acoustic signals for different events. For example, spoken messages such as "CPU over 55 degrees" would directly and unambiguously convey their meaning.

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